Free ATS-friendly Classic CV template in Microsoft Word format

This attractive CV template uses the Garamond font and clever paragraph formatting to create a smart layout whilst minimising ATS parsing issues. It neatly balances the need to allow a machine to read the CV with the fact that a real person will view the CV once it has passed the machine test. The traditional font is easy-to-read, further enhanced by bolding key information to assist the recruiter when skim reading. The template incorporates 'Key Achievement' areas, allowing you to showcase your achievements in past roles and drawing attention to these sections with shading.

CV template details:

  • CV ref: #202
  • File size: 21kb
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  • File name: ATS-friendly-Classic-CV-template.docx
  • Fonts required: Garamond, Social media circled (see links below)
  • Price: Free download
  • Free ATS-friendly Classic CV template in Microsoft Word format Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.

About this CV template:

Overall this is a very attractive CV template that makes great use of various features of Word to style the text in a way that is unlikely to cause issues with ATS software.

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Wow, really good layout, love it.

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Good design.

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Appreciate this free template, looks smashing.

In summary, this is a very attractive two-page CV template that makes great use of Microsoft Word’s features whilst minimising the likelihood that a machine will struggle to parse your information.

Here is page two of this beautiful CV template:

ATS-friendly Classic CV template - page 2

Fonts required:

Please make sure you have these fonts installed before opening up your new template.

Style features of this CV template include:

  • Use of the Garamond font for a smart, traditional look.
  • Sections to showcase achievements in previous roles which stand out from the text.
  • Headers styled using paragraph styling to minimise issues with ATS software.
  • Social media icons at the foot of page two, created using a font rather than graphics.
  • Skills styled using spacing and shading, to help them stand out whilst minimising issues with ATS software.

Layout features include:

  • Personal statement: This is your opportunity to tell the employer who you are, how you meet the main points of the job specification and what you’re looking for.
  • Employment history: On many CV templates, this is presented using columns or tables to separate out the job title from the date. To minimise problems with ATS-software, we’ve used paragraph and font formatting instead.
  • Education: Again, many CV templates will use columns or tables to pull the dates over to the side of the page. We’ve chosen not to, to avoid possible problems with the CV being parsed.
  • Skills: Lots of templates use two columns to allow you to get more skills into the small space available. We’ve instead separated these with a simple forward slash and used paragraph and font formatting to space them in an easy-to-read format. Consequently, you’ve got more space than if you used columns!
  • Hobbies / References: These sections are formatted simply, to minimise potential parsing problems.
  • Social media: It’s more important than ever before to mention social media accounts and use these as an opportunity to show how you are immersed in your industry. This can be achieved by commenting regularly on industry news, sharing the opinions of thought-leaders within the industry and discussing industry developments. You can also gain a huge competitive advantage by creating a comprehensive LinkedIn profile – see why you should do this here and find out how to do it here.

Disclaimer: Whilst we design our ATS-friendly CV templates according to best practice, there are many ATS packages on the market and (like every other template designer) we cannot guarantee that our CVs will pass through every package without issue.

You may find our ATS guides helpful when customising your CV or resume with ATS software in mind:

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2 thoughts on “Free ATS-friendly Classic CV template in Microsoft Word format”

  1. It absolutely kills me how companies are now using ATS software to scan CVs, forcing candidates to use the most boring basic designs. So it’s great to find this template, which really has some nice features. Surprisingly simple when you see how it’s all done but very effective. Appreciate your efforts guys.

  2. A very nice template with some really styling. Thanks for making this and every template free and SO easy to use, thank you!!

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