Assistant professor CV template

Assistant Professor CV template

This attractive two-page Assistant Professor CV template uses one of Microsoft Word’s gorgeous themes and colour palettes to create an eye-catching, well-organised CV. The sample information shows how to set out various sections of your CV for an Assistant Professor role.

Example of a good CV (with free CV template in Word)

Example of a good CV

A neat and tidy example of a good CV or résumé that uses the attractive Letter Gothic Std font and subtle lilac details for emphasis. Subtle dotted border and attractive headings. Sample information for a Childcare Practitioner.

TEFL CV template (free MS Word download)

TEFL CV template

This free two-page fresh Word CV includes sample content tailored for a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) role. A simple, crisp layout, this template can be used for any industry or profession.

Sport CV: free sports coach themed Word CV template

Sport CV template

This beautiful sport CV template takes full advantage of a stylish sports-themed icon font that allows you to add a different sports icon for each section. Plenty of white space & smart headings create a professional feel.

Teacher CV examples, templates and guidance

Our teacher CV examples and templates give you an idea of how to lay out your skills and experience if you’re applying for a teaching role.

Teacher CV template

(Above): Our very own teacher CV template can be downloaded here.

Education and early years CV template

(Above): Our beautiful Education and Early Years CV template can be downloaded here.

Prospects CV teacher(Above) This example teaching CV comes from The CV comes in PDF format and is annotated throughout with helpful notes explaining how to fill in each section. You can download the CV here.

Teacher CV example

(Above) This annotated teacher CV example was found on (no longer active). Again, it includes helpful notes throughout to guide you in customising your own teacher CV. You can download the PDF file here.

Teacher CV example(Above) This teacher CV example was found on the Career Teachers website. You can download the CV template here and they also have a guidance file for you to view, which can be downloaded here.

Career One CV template

(Above) This teacher CV template was found on You can download the full template (MS Word .doc) here.

Protocol education teaching cv(Above) This neat teacher CV from Protocol Education has slots for you to fill out your own information. Click here to download it. You can also find their video to creating a brilliant teaching CV on this page.

Timeplan teacher CV template

(Above) This teacher CV template from Timeplan not only has slots for your information but also includes guidance notes to prompt you as you go. Click here to download the ‘Experienced teaacher’ CV template or click here for the newly qualified teacher CV template.

ITPER template teaching

(Above) This teaching CV template is from ITPER, a education recruitment company (no longer active). As for many of the teaching templates above, it includes plenty of handy notes to help you fill it in. Click here to download it.

What can I include in my teaching CV?

Here, we outline examples of the type of experience that you might want to include in your teacher CV which would be desirable for any teaching role.

  • Preparing and delivering lessons: Your prospective employer will want to know the ages and abilities you have prepared lessons for.
  • Preparing materials: Together with lesson plans, your employer will be interested in any experience you have with devising and writing new curriculum materials.
  • Marking work: You will need to be able to mark work and give appropriate feedback to pupils in the relevant age range.
  • Keeping records: You will need to be able to maintain records of your pupils’ progress and their development.
  • Keeping up to date: The ability to research new topics and keep up to date within your specialist subject areas is highly desirable.
  • Preparing materials: Together with lesson plans, your employer will be interested in any experience you have with devising and writing new curriculum materials.
  • Using varied media: The use of alternative teaching approaches such as podcasting is highly desirable and your prospective employer will want to know if you have experience in selecting and using a range of different learning resources and equipment, such as podcasts and interactive whiteboards.
  • Exam preparation: You should mention any specific experience you have preparing pupils for qualifications and external examinations.
  • Managing behaviour: You may have specific experience with managing pupil behaviour in the school environment, or perhaps in devising appropriate and effective measures in cases of misbehaviour.
  • Pastoral duties: Your prospective employer will want to know if you have had any experience in a pastoral role – form tutor for example – which required you to support pupils on an individual basis through academic or personal difficulties.
  • Communication skills: Strong communication skills are essential as these allow you to keep parents and carers informed over pupils’ progress, participate in departmental meetings, hold parents’ evenings and contribute to whole school training events. You may also have specific experience liaising with other professionals – for example, careers advisers, learning mentors, education welfare officers and educational psychologists.
  • Supervision: Another highly desirable skill is the ability to supervise others – and you should detail any experience you have in supervising and supporting the work of teaching assistants, trainee teachers and newly qualified teachers.
  • Out of hours: Schools like to see enthusiasm for organising and participating in extracurricular activities that strengthen and enrich the overall educational experience – for example, sporting events, outings and social activities.
  • Training: You may have taken part in various training activities including in-service training (INSET) as part of your CPD.

What teacher CV template should I use?

In addition to the above teacher CV templates which have come from external sites, we have a wide range of our own CV templates for you to choose and customise – have a look at our main Word CV templates page.