Creative CV templates

In some cases, it is desirable to select a CV template that looks a little bit different. For example, if you're going for a marketing or designer job, a styled CV template with creative elements, colourful blocks and well-chosen fonts can suggest your design skills are up to scratch! A creative CV template is also useful when applying for a job where you know there will be a lot of other applicants. It helps your application stand out from the pile and catch your would-be employer's eye. Our collection of creative CV templates are free to download without registration and come in Microsoft Word format. Where fonts have been used, these are also available for download.


Customising your creative CV template

  • Use these creative CV templates where appropriate – for example, they are perfect for marketing jobs, or roles where creative flair is a must!
  • Don’t overload your creative CV with unnecessary information and waffle.  It’ll make it harder for HR to find what they really want to see.  Use the headings provided and tailor what you put into the CV to the job position you’re applying for.  This makes you look more suited to the role than you would if you just sent out a generic CV.
  • Be cautious about the personal information you offer.  For example, does your prospective employer really need to know that you’re married with 3 kids, or you’re 50?  This type of information might say to your employer that you have a lot of out-of-work commitments that might get in the way of the job, or that you might not  be as in touch with the latest developments in your area of expertise as somebody younger.  It’d be lovely to think that people don’t exercise any of their prejudices and view all CVs without any discrimination but the fact is, we’re only human.  The aim of the game is to get your foot in the door and secure an interview, giving you the chance to impress them in person.  So don’t give them any reason to reject you at CV stage.
  • Check out our free guide on ‘How to write a CV’ (or ‘How to write a CV for clinical jobs‘) and view examples of CVs.
  • Check the requirements of applying for the creative job carefully – messing up on small details like applying to the right person, getting their name right, and including the information they’ve asked for in your application, can be the difference between getting the interview and seeing your creative CV end up in their bin.