Free ‘Jet Trail’ CV template with grey background

This super smart CV template has a grey background and lots of nice details. The heading (your name) and section dividers are in a matching shade. There is room for both a headline and summary allowing you to quickly focus your reader's attention on your most important information. Make sure you get and install the required free fonts before downloading and opening the CV template.

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    Free 'Jet Trail' CV template with grey background
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About this CV template:

With so many applicants for every job opening, sometimes you need a CV template that will help you stand out. This template makes use of grey shading and lines to divide up your information and focus your would-be employer's attention on your key strengths.

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Jet trail CV template

Three awesome tips to help you write a fantastic CV 

Writing a CV in today’s competitive job market is the hardest it’s ever been. If you make one tiny mistake your CV is likely to be thrown into the trash to never see the light of day again – and you’ll probably never know why!

If you want to avoid that happening to your CV then pay attention, as we are going to give you our three top awesome tips to help you write a fantastic CV…

Make the most of your employment history 

Simply listing out all your past roles and tasks/responsibilities is not going to cut it anymore, as employers are now looking for CV writers to go the extra mile. But what else can I write about?

If you want to truly show the hiring manager how awesome you were in your past roles you need to provide actual facts, figures, stats, situations, system improvements and so on. If you go down the route of just listing all the tasks for that role you are not going to stand out, and the reader is not going to have a clear idea of what you can bring to their company.

Here’s an example of how you could apply this –

Applying for a customer service based role would require you to showcase your customer handling skills on your CV. To go one step further you could consider stating a few examples of how you dealt with a customer complaint, or when you went that extra mile for a customer. Another example could be an instance where you changed or improved a process which created a lasting positive effect on customer service.

For more information on how you can make your ’employment history’ shine, click here and scroll past the CV template.

Use a professional CV template 

There are literally thousands of CV templates to choose from on the internet, and sometimes this can seem very daunting. Our advice would be to narrow it down to three to make things a little easier.

Once you’ve written your CV you can then enter your information onto each of the three templates for a final decision. Often you’ll find that you don’t need to make too many adjustments when using different CV templates, and it all comes down to personal choice with how professional you think it looks.

When you see someone else’s fake details on a CV template as an example, you don’t really get the full picture of how yours will look. So don’t be afraid to experiment with your own details once you’ve written your CV, or even a draft. That way you can see how it will look and make your final decision of which CV template to use all that more easier.

Have your CV proofread by a professional 

It doesn’t matter how many times you check your own CV, there is still likely to be errors. Whether that’s a spelling or grammatical error, a formatting error, a poor font choice, poor layout, poor choice of CV template, and the list goes on.

Having your CV proofread is one of the best choices you could ever make when it comes to applying for work. However, you must ensure you choose the right person otherwise it could make things worse.

Look for someone that has extensive experience hiring and reading CV’s, and/or someone who has been a manager for many years. As an added bonus you may be able to contact someone who works or has worked in the same role/industry you are applying for.

Ask them to not only check for the usual spelling and grammatical errors, but try to pick their brain on the actual quality of your information as well as any insider tips.

NB: This CV template was updated 9th September 2018.

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