Free arrows CV template in MS Word

This super smart CV template would be idea for use by a graphic designer or similar creative role. The two main focuses of the template are the uber cool fonts (Lobster and Arvo, both of which are free - make sure you download them using the links provided), and the addition of the four software packages that are common amongst designers. Each CV heading uses a different colour taken from one of the software package logos.

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    Free arrows CV template in MS Word
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About this CV template:

In addition to playing around with colour and fonts, we've included some fun elements - a large arrow and a photo placeholder that you will of course want to replace with your own pic! Remember, it's a creative role so show your creativity and make this fabulous CV template your own!

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Template details:

Pow! A great free Word CV template that shows off your fun side. This little template would work well for a graphic design role, web design and other similarly creative roles.

Tell me more about the fonts

Example fonts for this CV template

We’ve used two amazing fonts in this Word CV template – Lobster, a seriously gorgeous Bold Condensed Script fully loaded with hundreds of ligatures and alternates; and Arvo Regular, a geometric slab-serif typeface. Both are free and we have given you the links above to make it easier for you to find them.

Make sure you download and install both before opening your template or the fonts will be replaced with whatever your default one is. You can customise the use of both fonts to your heart’s content, creating the perfect CV that shows off your designer skills. Check out this page on customising Lobster.

Photo – should I include one or not?

It seems to be such a huge source of debate – should you include a photo on your CV or not? There are about as many reasons for as there are against. If this is something you’re considering but really don’t know what to do, please have a read of our photo pros and cons and make up your mind. The choice is completely yours!

If you decide you don’t want to include the photo in your CV, it’s really easy to delete the placeholder. Simply click on it and hit backspace – you’ll then need to delete a couple of lines of extra space to move everything else up to the top.

Remember, all of our CV templates are completely customisable – and free! We want you to be happy with your CV format and presentation, and hopefully our free CV templates will inspire you to create something special.

What does your social profile say about you?

Employers are increasingly interested in what prospective employees are putting up on their social profiles – and job applicants can use this to their advantage. Use your Twitter and LinkedIn profile to share the latest news in your industry, and show that you’re completely up to date with what’s happening in the market.

Creating a comprehensive LinkedIn network can increase your chances of gaining an interview. For more information, please read –

Why a good LinkedIn profile boosts your interview chances by 71%

State a link on your CV to your professional media accounts for the hiring manager.  LinkedIn is of course the most advisable platform to use for your career. However, Twitter or even Instagram may be relevant if you also use them for business, professional or career purposes.

We’d advise leaving off Facebook though – this tends to be used for family and friends, so isn’t appropriate for the CV. It is however advisable, before applying for any jobs, to go on your Facebook profile and just to the bottom of your cover photo, click ‘View as’:

Facebook 'View As'

You can then see what your employer will see if they check out your Facebook profile. Even if you don’t include it in your CV, you may find some employers will go looking for it anyway. It’s wise to ensure there are no posts on your profile that might discourage an employer from hiring you.

According to a survey conducted in 2018, around 70 percent of employers hunt down and read social media accounts during the hiring process. Almost half of employers even check social media accounts of their current employees! Make sure you check your social media accounts before you apply to ensure they don’t have anything inappropriate on there.

How important is social media when searching for a job?

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