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A super clean and minimalist black and white one page CV template, with an optional space for your photo. The bold header uses a chunky font to catch attention, whilst Tahoma and Arial make up the rest of the typeset.

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Sometimes simple is best - and that can be said for this black and white, no nonsense CV template. A super-eyecatching clean one page design that's sure to make an impression.

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7 ways you can show how you made an impact during your previous roles on your CV

One of the best ways to impress a potential employer with your CV is to show how you made an impact in your previous roles. The most common way to write an employment history is to simply list all of the job titles along with the tasks carried out and the responsibilities. There’s nothing wrong with this tried and tested method, but if you want to really impress there are much better ways.

When the hiring manager puts your CV in front of them they are going to be impressed if you can show how you made a positive impact during those roles, and ultimately, how you made a difference. Your past performance is what the employer is really interested in, and that should be your focus when it comes to writing a CV that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Here’s our guide to the 7 ways you can show how you made an impact during your previous roles…

1. Use your CV to show how you saved money 

Every organisation likes to save money, so you should look to show examples of how you managed to cut down costs but without the end result being affected negatively. It could be anything ranging from purchasing bulk stationary at a discounted price, to ordering and hiring machinery for a construction site and how you managed to get a great deal from a supplier.

Only consider using examples that clearly made a large saving – it doesn’t matter if it was a small saving that accrued to a much larger one over time, or a one off example. The main thing to ensure is that you are only using examples that make a big difference. A very small saving that hardly made a ripple could look to devalue your CV rather than make a good impression.

2. Use your CV to demonstrate your problem solving abilities 

Problems arise in any role on a daily basis, so showcasing your great problem solving skills is a fantastic way to impress the hiring manager. An employer would always be expected to solve minor routine problems with no assistance, so look for examples that really stand out.

If you’re applying for a customer service based role then you should look for previous examples of how you helped an unhappy customer. Another great example could be a time when the whole database went down and you had to manually create invoices for customers to ensure things still ran smoothly.

There will be lots of examples in the past where you overcame a difficult situation, and as long as you feel it will provide a big enough impact to your employment history – then add it!

3. Include examples of time saved on your CV

When it comes to showing how you made an impact on the time it took to perform a task, some great examples could include process and system changes. What you are ideally looking for is an example of when you implemented an idea that shaved off a significant amount of time.

It doesn’t matter how simple it seemed at the time, you should not be afraid to show how good you are at generating ideas and that you are someone who likes to think outside the box. Employers would always prefer someone who generates ideas and looks for ways to cut down the time of a task, rather than someone who just does what their supposed to with little or no thought for improvements and progression.

4. Use your CV to show that you’re a team player – and a helpful employee 

Team working skills are an essential part of any job, and whilst most CVs will look to state the obvious, you should look to back up the usual cliché statements of, ‘I work great as a team’, with actual examples that made a positive impact in your past roles.

Every department and team has a set of goals, so to help you decide upon some great examples, why not first consider what those goals where and how as a team you managed to consistently achieve them. Working backwards from your planned goals, you should be able to remember a few instances of how you helped your team or another colleague.

Again, always look for examples that make a big impact rather than providing something that the hiring manager is going to think would be classed as a standard expected part of your job. Think about difficult situations that may have arisen, and how you overcame those scenarios by stepping outside of the box to help your team.

5. Show on your CV how you generated revenue 

If you are applying for a sales role then this would be an essential part of your CV. Showing actual figures and stats for your previous sales roles should be include within your employment history, but there are also other roles that can provide examples of generated revenue.

You don’t however have to be on the front line to come up with a great idea that generates extra revenue, and lead generation or an improvement to a sales process can yield fantastic results. Providing examples of great ideas that brought in more turnover is going to make a positive impact to your employment history, and give you a much better chance of gaining an interview.

6. Use your CV to provide examples of awards and recognition 

If you’ve ever won an award or been recognised for an outstanding achievement in the workplace, then you should shout about this from the rooftops – or put it on your CV of course!

Some companies offer internal awards like ‘employee of the month’, and sometimes there are also external awards up for grabs that you may have been nominated for. Even a nomination should be put down on your CV as there is a very good reason why you’ve been put forward for that award in the first place!

Promotions are one of the best examples of outstanding performance, and should be included on your CV to impress the hiring manager. But don’t forget to state the reasons why you were promoted, as this is really important to an employer so they can see how well you performed.

7. Attach examples of the work you produced to your CV

Depending on the industry, you may benefit from providing the employer actual examples of the work you have produced over the years. A marketing campaign or website development work may only require you to provide links, so this would be relatively easy to add to your CV to showcase your great work. Anything internet based should always be shown on your CV, and is a fantastic way to add more value.

No matter what industry you work in you should be able to attach examples of the work your produced. You could either write an explanation of the work you produced, providing stats and results, or you could consider attaching pictures. Be creative, and above all else, don’t be afraid to show off your skills on your CV.

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