Job rejection tips

If you’ve recently lost your job and are feeling like the world is against you, we are here to help you pick yourself up and get back on the hunt for another.

Being constantly rejected and unable to make it to the interview stage can be very frustrating. The problem must lie within your CV, and our helpful CV tips and free templates are designed specifically to get you through to the next stage.

Here are a few tips for job rejection…

Put aside the emotion

Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement and stop you from getting back on the horse. Try to realise that this is only temporary, and you could just find that your next job is only an email away.

Not making it through to the interview stage can be upsetting. But if you let that emotion take over your thoughts and decisions, you could find yourself in an endless cycle. However, that rejection cycle needs to be broken which means you need to take a different approach.

Look at things logically and take your emotions out of the equation. What is wrong with your CV? What can you do to break the cycle? Should I write a brand new CV? Does my CV look professional? Should I ask someone else to look at it for me?

All of these questions are great to ask yourself, and will help you move forward. By removing your emotion and judgement of yourself, you can push on and rectify the mistakes you’re making.

Use a CV template

We’re here to help you improve your CV and ensure it’s up to scratch. Our CV templates offer a huge range of choice which will allow you to select the perfect template to suit your needs. A brand new CV could be all that’s standing in the way of your dream job and the chance to shine in an interview.

Should you start from scratch? Absolutely! If you’re struggling to make it to the interview stage it must mean your CV needs some changes. By starting again and re-writing your CV on a brand new free template, you can take a different approach. It will allow you the opportunity to remove any mistakes and ensure it looks great.

There is so much time and stress involved when writing a CV, which is why we would always recommend using a free CV template. It will remove the time and stress it takes and allow you to focus upon the content. Once the presentation of your CV is out of the way, you can look further into what may be going wrong.

Redundancy is not the end – it’s the beginning

Redundancy can be tough, and when you feel like your career has taken a huge turn for the worst – all is not lost. There are lots of reasons why a redundancy situation occurs, and most of the time it isn’t related to performance. Don’t take it personally, and understand that this is a business decision and one which you most likely couldn’t see coming and have any effect upon.

You’d be surprised at how common redundancy is, and the stats show it isn’t personal. Check out the number of people made redundant in the UK between 2014-2018 for more details – Statista.

For many people redundancy isn’t the end of a job, it’s the beginning of a new chapter – and maybe even a new career! So rather than wallow in self pity at the outcome, you should look to the future and see this as an opportunity. Have you always felt that the job was holding you back? Now’s the time to make that career change and chase your dreams.

No matter what the situation you’re in – we are here to help you get your dream job by raising the quality of your CV to outshine the rest of your competition.