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Latest CV templates:

Free accredited CV template (MS Word)

If you’ve completed courses and/or earned certificates, badges and awards that are valuable to your prospective employers, why not showcase them on your CV? This smart, simple template allows you to do just that.

Smart green lines Word CV template

For a clean, classic and clutter free CV template, choose our ‘Smart Green Lines’ design. This very neat CV template uses the Garamond font for a traditional yet easy-to-read look.

Free creative ‘profile’ Word CV template

‘Profile’ is a modern CV template with two columns that features a placeholder where you can either leave in the graphic provided or add your photograph. Bold headers and a generous splash of colour to catch the eye.

Free typeface Résumé Template (version 3)

Another version of our popular typeface CV or résumé template that uses the Courier New font with a broken border. The simple design with a single column layout and section dividers makes your details easy to read.

Free school leavers CV template

A free Microsoft Word school leavers CV template ideal for recent graduates with headings to suit. This basic layout provides you with the core sections you need for your first CV. Download and customise with your info.

Simple sage CV/résumé template

The choice of Segoe UI font, simple double sage green border and attractive light green headings add subtle detail to this attractive résumé or CV. A simple layout with all the core sections to set you on the right track.

Secretary themed résumé template

A fabulous typewriter key heading and a ‘typeface’ font gives this brilliant CV or résumé template a quirky feel, perfect for secretarial or administrative job applications. Space for an optional photo is also included.

Retro orange CV/résumé template

This CV or résumé template has just a touch of retro – its titles are in the Bauhaus 93 font & it uses a seventies orange for the headers and border. Smart dividers and a two-column header help present your details neatly.

Basic résumé template

Our most basic CV or résumé template with plenty of sections for all of your information. Having a simple template to start with prompts to help you fill everything in correctly, in the proper reverse chronological order.

Headliner CV/résumé template

Britannic Bold headers give this sharp black & white résumé template a touch of movie glamour, without distracting from your core strengths and skills. An otherwise simple layout that uses spacing to split up your details.

Handwritten CV/résumé template

Using a very convincing handwriting font, this neat easy-to-read and clutter-free résumé or CV template is perfect for a multitude of job applications where an informal and friendly approach is required.

Classic green CV/résumé template

With large headings, a soft green border and bolder green titles, this is a classic résumé or CV template with enough colour to catch your recruiter’s attention. A single column is used throughout except in the header.

Bold black CV template

A distinctive CV or résumé template that uses large headings in the smart Garamond font and a thick grey border to make a strong impact. The centred section headers help to neatly divide up your information.

Alternative basic CV template

A different version of our most basic CV template, this clean template uses alternative alignment to help make your CV stand out. A very simple format, this template prompts you to fill out the important core sections.

Basic CV template

Our simplest free Word basic CV template with a very clean neat layout and sections that are easy to customise with your info. All the core sections, presented in the correct order in an easy-to-edit format.

Verdana CV template

A very simple but well laid out CV template that uses the Verdana font throughout. Sections are divided up with lines, with headers on the left and content on the right. The spacious font makes your info easy-to-read.

Typewriter CV template

A simple centre-aligned CV template with an arty feel, thanks to its use of the Courier New font for the heading and sub headings. This prompts you to enter information for each of the core sections, in the correct order.

CV template suitable for a clinical position

On this page you can download our free Word CV template designed specifically for clinical jobs – easy to use and customise. The very basic layout is easy to expand and add in additional sections such as publications.

A simple CV template utilising Georgia font

A tidy, well laid out CV template with all the sections you could need that makes use of the professional-looking Georgia font. Simple, basic and neat, it gives you a helpful reminder of the correct sections and order.

Version three of our Simple Word CV template

Version 3 of our popular free basic CV Word template which you can download. A simple, professional and well laid out template that is easy to customise, reminding you of the information you need to include on a CV.

The 8 hobbies to include on a CV

"Your interests reveal a little more of your personality and values. They can show how passionate, open-minded, playful, voluntary, patient, persistent, entrepreneurial, driven, risk-taker, or community-focussed you are. These traits can each be relevant for specific roles, and all of them definitely can demonstrate you’re a balanced and well-rounded person, whose interests extend beyond work and studies. This section of your CV could also be the ideal place to showcase further skills and achievements relevant to the job you apply to."

~ Edith Karinthi-Durnez, LSE

The most underrated section of a CV is the hobbies and interests. For most job seekers it feels like a waste of time filling out this section – there are no skills on display. But that isn’t entirely true.

There are certain hobbies which do add value to a CV, and here’s why. The employer is looking for examples of soft skills. This could be communication, leadership, creativity, hard work, and so on. A hobby can demonstrate some of these soft skills, but it really does depend on what it is.

Generic hobbies are not worth a great deal to your CV, and would not be missed. If you like going to the cinema or socialising with friends, this won’t add anything to your credentials.

Here are 8 hobbies you'll definitely want to mention if you have them, when writing your CV.


Sports-related hobbies can represent someone who works hard and is dedicated to achieving success. You may play sports purely for recreational purposes, which will still add value. However, if you compete in a team, then you add even more to your CV. It shows your competitive nature, and your desire to get the right result.

Playing as part of a team also involves interaction and team work. This level of communication and ability to work together to achieve a goal is welcomed by any employer. Another great example to add to your CV!

Taking part in a sporting activity also suggests that you like to stay fit and healthy, which is always good news to employers.


If you are the captain of a sports team, the chairman of a local society or club, the president of a chess club or anything else where you sit in a leadership position – you are further demonstrating leadership qualities.

You’ve clearly been chosen to represent and lead a team to success. Why? Because you have leadership qualities and traits – confidence, public speaking skills, management, can see the bigger picture, and so on.

If you’re applying for a management or supervisory position, this type of hobby would add a lot of merit to your credentials. Even if you are not, this will still help your chances of getting an interview. The employer would always want someone who shows they are capable of managing themselves and potentially a team. Taking on more responsibility wouldn’t be a problem for you.


If you have a hobby that involves writing, then include this on your CV and go into more detail. This is a great hobby to have as it provides evidence of your written communication skills. Website content, article and blog writing or working for a newspaper – these are all fantastic examples to use.

Consider attaching examples of your written work if this form of communication is important. You could include links to your online portfolio or even physical copies with your CV – dissertation, essay, assignments, newspaper clippings, publications, and so on.

Volunteer work

Working part time for a charity shop or local country park is a great hobby to have. Not only are you giving up your free time to help worthy causes, you will also add a lot of value to your CV. The employer will see that you are a selfless person who enjoys helping others.

You are more likely to work overtime with little fuss and help others within your team. You are clearly an outgoing person who enjoys teamwork and your work ethic is clearly high. Lots of fantastic traits to bring into the company!

Organising events

If you are involved with planning and organising events in your spare time, the employer will see how those skills can transfer over to their company. You may help out on the weekends at a local venue that cater for parties, weddings, or live music – anything like this would look great on your CV.

Don’t forget to provide a few details of your role in a past event. It would benefit your CV more if you provide some info on what the event was, when it took place, what your duties were, and the overall success.

Charity events

Taking part in marathons, long distance walks or bike rides for charity should get a mention. Maybe you take part in the London marathon and have done for the past 5 years. How much money did you raise? What charity was it for?

Again, put down a few details and draw the hiring manager into your hobby and get them interested. Tell them who the charity was and how much money you raised. A couple of sentences are all that’s needed. Here is an example:

I have run the London marathon for the past 5 years and raised a total amount of £3,200. My chosen charity is Macmillan cancer support.


A creative hobby, like arts and crafts or music will look great on your CV. The employer wants to know that you are able to think outside the box and generate ideas. A creative mind may look for ways to improve things, rather than stick with the same old routine.

If you are applying for a creative position like graphic design, then your creative side should certainly come out in your hobbies section. Choosing to go with reading and walking the dog won’t represent your creative side very well.

Career related

If your hobby is directly related to your actual career, then let the employer know that you live and breathe your work through your hobbies. If you are a web developer and like to create your own websites outside of work, then attach links to those websites on your CV.

When your career aligns with your own hobbies, you should consider creating a portfolio of your work. This is the best way you can demonstrate your abilities, as you are providing actual evidence of your work. Whilst most CVs aim to convince the employer through meaningless cliché statements, you can instead showcase your talents with your previous work.

"Simply writing 'socialising, going to the cinema and reading' isn't going to catch the attention of the recruiter. However, when relevant to the job, your interests can provide a more rounded picture of who you are and give you something to talk about at interview."

~ Prospects.ac.uk

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