Free creative ‘profile’ Word CV template

'Profile' is one of our newest CV templates and features a placeholder where you can either leave in the graphic provided or add your photograph.

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    Free creative 'profile' Word CV template
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About this CV template:

Our profile template has a placeholder where you can slot in your own picture, or use the graphic we've provided instead if you prefer. It's built using tables which makes getting all your information lined up in a tidy way an easy job. The lovely grey and blue colour scheme is eye catching without being overwhelming, and the three columns helps to present your work experience in a way that is engaging while keeping things brief. The top section provides ample room for you to list your objective and key achievements, and we've even included a second sheet should you want to add further sections to your CV.

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Template details:

It is of course up to you whether you prefer this or the default graphic included with the template. The default graphic is of course a bearded spectacled male, so if you’d like to stick with a graphic (rather than a photo) but want to change the image, here are some more you can use. However, make sure you right click and save your choice in .png format as they are circular with a transparent background, like the original image.

Profile CV icon 9Profile CV icon 8Profile CV icon 7
Profile CV icon 6Profile CV icon 5Profile CV icon 4
Profile CV icon 3Profile CV icon 2Profile CV icon 1

To change the picture in the CV template, open the image up in Microsoft Word, right click and choose ‘Change Picture’. You then simply need to locate your choice of downloaded image on your PC.

Did you read the job advert properly before you wrote your CV?

One of the most common mistakes made by a job seeker is to ignore the job advert before they write their CV. A vital part of the advert is the ‘job description’, and this is the heart of the role. It will help shape your CV and allow you to tailor and customise each section to the role and the company.

Create a core skills section

Most job adverts request certain skills that are required in order to function effectively in the role. Some may be mandatory in order to apply, whilst others may be a polite request. Of course, training will be conducted if you’re hired, but having these skills already will make it far easier to gain an interview.

Consider creating a ‘Core Skills’ section which will cover most or even all of the skills that have been requested. This will make it very easy for the hiring manager to recognise your potential and hopefully contact you for an interview.

The importance of soft skills

A soft skill refers to a personal trait or attribute. So rather than a specific or hard skill (computer programming), a soft skill relates to more generic aspects – communication, problem solving, diary management, and so on. An employer will also be looking for relevant soft skills within your CV, and you can focus upon the most important by using the job advert.

Is communication very important for the role?

Do you have to be extremely organised and ensure your deadlines are met?

Are you going to be working as part of a team and require essential team working skills?

From the job advert you should be easily able to ascertain which soft skills are vital to the role. You can now write a great CV which provides the employer everything they need!

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