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Our basic CV template has the simplest layout of our collection, with sections for your personal information, education, career and skills divided up by simple horizontal lines. A clean fresh template that ensures your experience and qualifications are the focus.

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This template makes use of a clean type face and simple lines to present your information to your potential employers. There are absolutely no graphics or clutter to distract the reader from your skills, qualifications and experience.

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Why your CV isn’t getting you a job interview

Are you sending out dozens of CVs and not getting any results? It could be time to review what you’re doing and see if you need to try something different. Here are a few great tips to help you improve your chances of success…

Check your CV for errors

Is it neat, professional and error free? This is just as important as the skills and qualifications you have to offer the employer. So although you may be the perfect candidate for the job, it won’t matter if your CV is unprofessional.

The presentation of your CV must be perfect – completely free of errors if you want to stand a chance against your competition. Everything from your contact details to the spacing between each section; ensure all your details are accurate.

Choose an appropriate design

Your CV template and layout should be appropriate for your career. A graphic design position may allow you to be more creative and add colour to your CV. But applying for a solicitor’s role could require a more traditional black and white approach. The choice is completely yours, but take extra care not to choose something that could ruin your chances.

Compare your CV with the job advert

One of the main reasons why a job seeker will fail to get a job interview is because they don’t write it with the job advert in mind. Take the job advert and compare it with your CV once you’ve written a draft. Check that it meets this criterion:

  • Do you substantially meet the job specification?
  • Can a recruiter see within 10-20 seconds that you meet ALL of the job specification?
  • If you don’t meet part of the job specification, have you explained in your covering letter why you think you are still a worthy candidate?

Every time you type or write another word on your CV you should take great consideration in what the employer wants. The job advert is also only the start, and additional research will further help you to tailor your application. Check out the company’s website to get a feel for the culture. What type of customers is attracted to the business? What do they sell? Do they have social media pages?

Gain additional skills and experience

If you’re going for roles where you don’t meet the majority of what the employer is looking for, it may take longer to find a suitable role. You might find that building additional experience in the voluntary sector that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get in the workplace may help (for example, management experience).

Volunteer work for work experience

Ask for help

The next step, if all of the above doesn’t give you anything to work on, is to enlist the help of others. Choose 3 or 4 professional people you know who are at management level and ask them to look over your CV for you. See if they can spot anything that’s wrong – and tell them it’s okay to be honest!

Seek help elsewhere

Finally, if you’re still none-the-wiser, the next step is to go to a recruitment agency for feedback. They’ll review your CV and if you’re a good candidate, they’ll put you forward for suitable roles. They’ll also be quick to point out any flaws, either in your CV itself or in the type of roles you’re going for.

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