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Basic CV template

Our basic CV template has the simplest layout of our collection, with sections for your personal information, education, career and skills divided up by simple horizontal lines. A clean fresh template that ensures your experience and qualifications are the focus.

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About this CV template:

This template makes use of a clean type face and simple lines to present your information to your potential employers. There are absolutely no graphics or clutter to distract the reader from your skills, qualifications and experience.

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just basic and fine

4 5 1
straight basic cv template, easy to use

My CV just isn’t working!

If you’ve sent out dozens of CVs and you’re not getting any results, it’s time to review what you’re doing and see if you need to try something different.

First, check your CV over carefully.

  • Is it neat, professional and error free?
  • Are your contact details correct?
  • Is it an appropriate design for the type of role you’re applying for?
  • Is it free from any information that may cause an employer to discriminate against you, before they have even met you?

Then take a job advert that you’ve applied to recently and review it side-by-side with your CV and cover letter.

  • Do you substantially meet the job specification?
  • Can a recruiter see within 10 seconds that you meet ALL of the job specification?
  • If you don’t meet part of the job specification, have you explained in your covering letter why you think you are still a worthy candidate?

If you’re going for roles where you don’t meet the majority of what the employer is looking for, it may take longer to find a suitable role. You might find that building additional experience in the voluntary sector that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get in the workplace may help (for example, management experience).

The next step, if all of the above doesn’t give you anything to work on, is to enlist the help of others. Choose 3 or 4 professional people you know who are at management level and ask them to look over your CV for you. See if they can spot anything that’s wrong – and tell them it’s okay to be honest!

Finally, if you’re still none-the-wiser, the next step is to go to a  recruitment agency for feedback. They’ll review your CV and if you’re a good candidate, they’ll put you forward for suitable roles. They’ll also be quick to point out any flaws, either in your CV itself or in the type of roles you’re going for.

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