Writing the education section of your CV

Deciding how much of your education should go onto your CV can be tricky, and in many cases will make or break your chances of getting an interview – so what do you do?

Help for school leavers

Our education section tackles the many different situations a job seeker will face, and what will be the best approach to writing a CV. It doesn’t matter if you have recently left school, college or university – we’ve got you covered. It also doesn’t matter how little work experience you’ve got when you have the ability to make your education shine. You just don’t know it yet!

Your education is hiding skills

You can learn how to extract the relevant skills you’ve gained from your education, and use them on your CV to show prospective employers you are ready for a working environment. Additional help and guidance on soft and hard skills will help you to create the perfect school leavers CV.

All your hard effort and achievements need to shine through on your CV. They shouldn’t be ignored or used for just simple stated grade. Instead, delve further into what you actually did. The projects you completed, presentations, dissertations and essays – these are all accomplishments an employer would be keen to read about.

Education or experience – which is more important?

Does experience offer more value to an employer than your education? Or should your university degree be the focus of your attention when writing a CV? The answers to these questions depend greatly on the role or chosen career. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We will attempt to look at this from all angles so you can decide for yourself. Understanding the options is what’s important here, and writing a focused CV will be far easier after reading our guides.

Tips on how to gain work experience

We will help you decide what you need to include on your CV to give you a great chance of getting an interview. Some employer’s value experience over qualifications, but if you’ve recently left education and have little to no work experience, we offer advice on how to gain that value experience as well as the skills required proving to an employer that you have what it takes to be a valued team member.

Make a plan

There are many different routes you can take when leaving education – apprenticeships, part time, voluntary work, and so on. In this section we will look to delve further into what the right choice is for you, and how you can seamlessly move from education into employment with a well crafted CV.

Making a plan is the key to finding full time employment and focusing your career. With a plan you are more likely to be able to hone in on what you want to do. So rather than take the first job you come across, maybe the right option is to be patient and plan your next move.