Our extensive list of articles will help you to deal with those interview nerves, and remain confident throughout to give the very best answers you can. We all know that nerves can, in some cases, affect an interview to the point where it ends in disaster. Even the slightest bit of nerves can disrupt the flow of your answers, and there are lots of ways we show you how to help combat any issues you have before, and during the interview.

Failing to land the job?

You may be getting lots of interviews but failing to land a job – the good news is that you are not alone, and although your CV is clearly making a positive impact, there’s something you’re not quite getting right during the interview. This is quite common, and there are lots of ways you can discover what might be going wrong, and how you can overcome this.

There are lots of reasons why you didn’t land the job, but our team of experts are at hand to create some fantastic guides so you can pinpoint where you might be going wrong. Have you ever wondered how early you should arrive to an interview? Maybe you’re arriving too soon and it’s frustrating the very busy manager who now has to figure out how to entertain you for an hour.

Are your answers too scripted?

Are you creating a script for every possible answer before you get to the interview? This might seem like a good idea to plan ahead, but maybe you’re giving answers which sound to scripted and robotic, and don’t seem natural. It’s great to plan ahead and have some prepared answers, but you also have to be careful not to sound like you’re acting in a movie.

To make your answers flow better you should consider preparing a draft answer which you can word on the spot during the interview. If you have a good idea of how you will answer a question, you don’t need to worry about exactly how you are going to word it. Instead, make sure you know which direction you are going to take with your answer, rather than worrying about exactly which words you will use.

Have you made the right preparations?

Preparing for a job interview is the key to success – so we’ve also created a few guides on what you need to do to so you’re ready for anything. Knowing what the interviewer might ask is half the battle, and having some unscripted pre-prepared answers ready will not only give you a boost in confidence, it will also help your answers flow much easier.

Knowing what you should bring to a job interview will surprise you! If you thought that it just needed to be you – then you were wrong. Not only is preparing for the questions important, you should also bring along a few things with you to show the employer you are passionate and dedicated to the role and giving a great interview.

Have you dressed appropriately?

If you think that turning up in your jeans and t-shirt is going to make a good impression – then think again. It’s safe to assume that we all know the difference between wearing casual clothes to the cinema and dressing smartly for a job interview. But will wearing an expensive suit be the right way to go in every interview?

Typically it would be safe to say that wearing professional business attire and being suited and booted will always be the right way to dress for an interview. But there may be a few instances when dressing smart but casual will have a greater effect. This does depend greatly on the employer and the industry, so be very careful with this approach.