Job hunting for the unemployed

Job hunting while unemployed

If you’re unemployed & job hunting make sure you read our advice on finding a job – we help you overcome some of the hurdles & anxieties you may experience.

Have you ever wondered if it’s worth applying for a job even if you’re underqualified? We have some great advice to help you decide whether or not you should take the plunge, and how you can make your CV still stand out from the rest of your competition.

Not every job posting you come across will fit you perfectly, and most employers expect that not every successful candidate will tick all the boxes. Knowing when and when not to apply is something that will help you focus your career, and we will help you decide and assist you in writing the perfect CV – even if you don’t tick all the boxes!

In some instances you may come across roles in which you are overqualified for, and depending on your circumstances it may not be a good idea to apply. You could be wasting yours and the employer’s time by applying, when instead you could be aiming much higher.

If you are looking for a downgrade in your employment status for personal reasons – maybe you’ve just started a family and don’t want to take on too much responsibility – then we are here to help you write a CV that will land you a role you are overqualified for.

Having a social media profile is very important to an employer nowadays, and we would always highly recommend that you create one if you haven’t already. If you have, make sure it’s up to date and relevant with the role or industry you are applying to. Having a LinkedIn account is a great way to provide more evidence of your experience, skills and qualifications, as you can add a link to your CV.

Depending on the role, a lot of employers will now expect you to provide links to your social media profiles so they can gain more information about your background and employment history. Without one, you may be at a huge disadvantage when compared with other applicants who have a professional profile.