Delivery driver CV example (template + guide)

Delivery driver CV example - preview

A delivery driver CV example in a smart ATS-compliant CV template. In this example CV, the applicant has no previous experience as a delivery driver but draws on other past experience to show how they have the skills for the job.

Customer Service Assistant CV template

Customer service assistant CV template - preview

A neatly styled professional CV template with sample information for a Customer Service Assistant. Using the Cambria font with a range of neat headers and colour for emphasis, this ATS-compliant CV makes a great impression.

Template CV for a part time job

CV for a part time job - preview

An alternative to our free simple Word CV template, this layout is clean, clear and well laid out, allowing all your important information to shine. A good reminder of how to present your info in reverse chronological order.

HR Manager CV template (with example info)

HR Manager CV template

A simple ATS-friendly HR Manager CV template with example information for a Human Resources type role. Work history examples for HR Manager, Consultant, Administrator and Recruitment Consultant.

Sales Manager CV/Résumé template (free download)

Sales Manager CV or Resume template - preview

An attractive General or Regional Sales Manager CV/Résumé template with purple & grey accents and a stylish box layout for your achievements. The example content shows you how to write key parts such as the summary and responsibilities.

School leaver CV template (2021)

School leavers CV template

We show you how to write a UK school leaver’s CV with a complete ‘how-to-write’ guide and real examples. We also give you a smart modern school leaver template that you can download and use yourself.

Simple tips for customising your basic CV template:

Change the font!

Go ahead, make it your own. To choose a different font for the whole of your basic CV templates,  go to the Home tab in Word, ‘Select All’ and choose a new font from the drop down box. Wondering which font is best to use on your CV? Read more: “What is the best résumé font or best CV font to use?

Add a border!

If your choice of basic CV templates doesn’t yet have a border, it’s really easy to add one in Microsoft Word. Check out our video below if you’re not sure how:

Add a photo!

Some people like to include a picture on their CV, to help create a great first impression. If you’re not sure how to add a picture to your choice of basic CV templates, watch our video:

Adding a picture to your basic CV template (YouTube)

Are you still debating whether or not to include a photo on your CV? Read more: ‘Should I include a CV photo?

Add drop caps!

Adding drop caps to the beginning of paragraphs can give your CV a classy, polished look. Not sure how to use the Microsoft Word drop caps feature? Guess what – we made a video for this too!

Adding drop caps to your basic CV template (YouTube)

Share your achievements!

Employers have to look through reams of CVs every time they advertise for a vacancy – so how do you make your curriculum vitae stand out? One way is to place a focus on your achievements. Rather than simply explaining your job role and responsibilities, you highlight anything you’ve done which might impress a prospective employer.

A great way to showcase your achievements is to use a fancy text box next to each job role – as shown in this video:

Adding a fancy text box to your basic CV template (YouTube)

If you’re looking for one of our basic CV templates that showcases some of the above embellishments, try our CV template example.

For more great tips on jazzing up your CV, including adding graphs, charts and other types of smart art,  try our CV template layout tricks. You’ll find these perfect if you want to spruce up one of our basic CV templates and make it more noticeable.