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Example CV template

On this example CV, we show you some easy tricks for highlighting your information and making it stand out from the pile. There's a fancy text box which is the perfect place to highlight one of your best achievements (and you can put these boxes to the right of every position you've had, if you've got plenty of achievements to highlight!). There's also drop caps - a great way to add a little creative flair to your CV template and help you stand out from the rest. Both techniques are really simple but if you're not sure what to do, visit our Youtube channel and follow our simple guides. The downloadable CV already has examples of both tricks ready for you to tailor with your own information.

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  • Fonts: Times New Roman
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About this CV template:

This is the CV template example we use in some of our videos to show you how to add neat style details to your CV. It uses Times New Roman but you can easily change this if using such a traditional font isn't your cup of tea!

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Click here to visit our YouTube channel to see how we applied a text box and drop caps to this CV template. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is!

Why use this example CV template?

This example CV template is a great guide for creating your own CV. It has a very basic layout, using a font that everyone has on their computer – Times New Roman – and no fancy tables or distracting graphics. The ease of use means it’s simple to change things around. Here are some tricks from our YouTube channel to help you customise our example CV layout:

Add a photo to your CV:

Add a border around the whole of each page:

Add a fancy box to your CV to highlight an achievement:

Add drop caps to some of the paragraphs:

When it comes to adding drop caps to your CV template, make sure you:

  • Use them consistently – for example, on the first letter of every block of writing.
  • Don’t overuse them – it will make the CV look cluttered and disjointed.
  • Resize – when you first insert the drop cap, you’ll be able to resize it to a sensible size (as you can see in the video).

Why not experiment with changing the colour of the drop cap for a neat style trick to draw attention to your CV?


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