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We know that many people looking for a part time job do not have a conventional work history - for example, university students seeking part time work in their free time. We therefore have prepared a simple, two-page skills-based CV for a part time job using unconventional types of experience that show strong skills have been acquired. Use the various examples to help you write your own alternative work history.

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Another clean and well laid out CV template, with a standard font and some simple bright headers that break up the sections. This is another perfectly acceptable template for a professional job application and universally applicable for most roles.

* Every effort has been made to design this CV template according to best practice so that your information can be read by ATS software correctly. However, all Applicant Tracking Systems are different and no guarantees can be offered.

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Ali Smith

25 Crosby Avenue, Arnold NG5 2DY

07984 111 222 | alismith@aol.com

Blog: www.supportinginneed.com | Twitter: @alismith


  • I am a second year University student currently studying for my Business BA at Nottingham Trent University.
  • I am seeking a part time role in a service environment.
  • I am available for three days per week on Saturday, Sunday and Thursday.
  • I have a range of experience that has allowed me to develop valuable skills such as clear communication, teamwork, problem solving, adaptability and reliability.


Attendance, reliability and punctuality – I have a 100% attendance record and no late marks since starting University in September 2019. My attendance score at Redhill was 99.7%.

Business – Completing the first year of my BA has given me a good understanding of profitability, operations, accounting and finance, marketing and business development.  I am on track to achieve Upper Second Class Honours.

Customer service – I have gained good customer service skills, the ability to work under pressure and a good understanding of health and safety from volunteering for 12 months at the Legends Project, a drop-in café and services provider for the homeless.

Listening, empathising, conflict resolution – I developed these skills through coaching football for 3+ years. I further developed my ability to deal with conflict through achieving a brown belt in Aikido, as part of the Duke of Edinburgh award. This taught me to respond to another person’s intention, rather than their “attack”, which significantly increases the potential to resolve the conflict, rather than to perpetuate it.

Numeracy – I achieved Grade 7 (equivalent to an A) for GCSE Maths and Grade B for A-Level Maths. I achieved 81 for my accounting and finance module at University. I further developed my numeracy skills through managing the household budget for my family for 16 months.

Teamwork, leadership, communication, social media marketing – I have developed these skills through my project ‘Arnold Poverty Support’ which helps those suffering with poverty and homelessness in my local community. I have also built these skills through 3+ years of coaching under 11s football, and through volunteering at ‘Legends’.

Written communication – I have developed my skills through my blog supportinginneed.com which I set up in 2016, to show individuals how they can best help people in poverty and the homeless in their area. My blog has since won 3 awards and has been cited frequently by the local press. I have further developed my written communications at university, where my average written assignment grade is 83.

IT literacy – I am competent with MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint) having used these extensively through my studies.


Project Lead

Arnold Poverty Support

June 2016 – date

I started this project as a simple food collection at our local community centre to support our local food bank in June 2017. It has extended to a fortnightly event which also helps the homeless with donations of sleeping bags, coats and warm clothing. I have led and overseen the project, communicating regularly with various stakeholders and the public, using social to garner interest, and working as part of a team which has grown to 7 volunteers.

Housekeeping / childcare

June 2018 – September 2019

During this period I delayed starting University to support my mother who became a single parent with two school age children under 10, whilst she was working full time. I did all aspects of childcare and housekeeping, taking the children to school and collecting, liaising with the school, managing all bill payments and finances, and cleaning the home. I worked tirelessly and developed a wide range of skills from this experience, including strong communication, good organisation, reliability, flexibility and punctuality.

Volunteer assistant

Legends Project

September 2018 – September 2019

I volunteered at this local drop-in for the homeless one morning and one evening a week.

  • Preparing and serving food and making drinks.
  • Cleaning the café areas, inside and outside and ensure they are safe and hygienic at all times.
  • Checking facilities, equipment and furnishings for damage.
  • Following the operating plan.
  • Monitoring expenditure, stock, wastage and use-by dates.
  • Upholding excellent standards of health and safety, cleanliness and professionalism.

Assistant Coach

June 2015 – September 2019

I am a keen footballer and during this time I assisted with coaching two football groups – under 8s and under 11s. This involved two 2-hour sessions each weekend. When I reached 18, I led around 50% of the sessions myself. This taught me a range of skills including clear goal-setting, providing feedback and clear communication with both parents and participants, listening, empathising and questioning, teamwork and conflict resolution.

Gold Duke of Edinburgh award

2014 – 2018

I am very proud to have achieved my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. I attained this through –

  • Sports leadership (volunteering section)
  • Aikido – achieving my brown belt (physical section)
  • Blogging (skills section)


BA Business – in progress

Nottingham Trent University / September 2019 – date

A Levels

Business (A), English (B) and Maths (B)

Redhill Academy, Arnold / September 2016 – June 2018


9 GCSEs grade C and above including Business Students (A), Maths (A) and English (B)

Redhill Academy, Arnold / completed June 2016

Hobbies and interests

I play 5-a-side football with my university, one night each week. I also visit the gym most days.

Template details:

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Showing experience for a part time job

Many people seeking part time work do not have a long career history to boast of. In fact, like this example CV, you may not have any formal work experience at all! Don’t let that put you off. Recruiters want to know that you have the skills they need. Whilst every job will have its own requirements, employers typically want to see that you are:

  • Reliable and punctual
  • Honest
  • Hardworking
  • Able to work with others
  • Able to communicate effectively (oral and written)
  • Able to handle pressure
  • Able to deal with complaints or difficult situations
  • Capable of maintaining high standards (customer care, health and safety etc)
  • Good attention to detail
  • IT literacy

Simply listing off these skills adds zero value to your CV. Instead, you need to provide evidence of how you have acquired or used the skills. A simple way to do this is to group similar skills and offer evidence for how they have been acquired, like on our example CV for a part time job.

Skills can be proven in a whole range of ways besides paid work experience. For example:

  • School / university attendance records
  • Training courses / qualifications
  • Projects you completed at school (especially if you worked with others)
  • Work you completed at school
  • Freelancing (e.g. sites such as peopleperhour.com)
  • Casual work – babysitting, cleaning cars, mowing lawns
  • Work for the family business
  • Volunteering
  • Completion of awards / programmes e.g. Duke of Edinburgh
  • Community projects
  • Helping in the home e.g. caring for younger siblings, managing the household
  • Coaching / mentoring in sports
  • Blogging / creating a website
  • Using social media (e.g. to get involved in a particular industry, comment on developments etc)
  • Recommendations and endorsements collected on LinkedIn

Points to note:

  • When seeking a part time role, it is important to include this requirement both in the covering letter and the professional summary.
  • You could also mention your availability, either in the profile section or in a separate section at the bottom. However, only mention exact days if they are absolutely fixed. Otherwise you may needlessly put-off prospective employers who might have given you an interview if they knew you’d be willing to consider other hours.
  • If appropriate, mention why you are seeking part time rather than full time work. For example, it may be that you are looking to work around study commitments. However, take care not to give prospective employers any reason to discriminate against you (for example, by stating that it is due to family commitments).
  • Although this CV for a part time job contains sample information, remember that every CV needs to be written around the job description. “Show how your skills and experience match what the employer wants. You should tailor your CV to suit the job description and the company.” ~ National Careers Service

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NB: This CV template was originally published 9th February 2016 and has now been fully updated for 2021.

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