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Simple CV template (alternative version)

Our clean, clear and simple alternative simple CV allows all your important information to shine, without distractions. A simple layout, standard fonts and no graphics make this CV a great professional choice if you want to make the right impression.

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  • File name: cv-template-simple-2.doc
  • Fonts: Arial
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About this CV template:

Another clean and well laid out CV template, with a standard font and some simple lines that break up the sections. This is another perfectly acceptable template for a professional job application and universally applicable for most roles.

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Basic and good

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I don't knowhat I say. I need this job.

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quite simple. i like that the dividers are above the headings, that's different

How to build up work experience for your CV 

A lack of work experience doesn’t mean that you can’t create a great CV. There are lots of ways you can gain valuable work experience, even if you are currently studying at college or university. Weekend work is always available, as well as working part time during the holidays.

Use voluntary work 

Voluntary work is a fantastic way to get some experience for your CV, and whether it’s a local charity or a country park, you’ll always find work quickly and easily. Voluntary work is also something that can be done on a weekend if you are still in education and are worried about how you’re CV will look when you begin your first search for a job.

Not only is voluntary work actual real work, it’s also a great way to impress a potential employer who comes across your CV. It shows an employer that you’re not afraid to work extra hours, and is especially impressive when it’s completely free.

Choose something you are passionate about 

Don’t just choose a voluntary placement just because you know it will look good on your CV, and consider choosing something which you are passionate about. There are some great charities out there to select, as well as local country parks which are always look for additional help.

You may even be fortunate enough to volunteer for a position which is similar to the one which you are training for. If this is possible, don’t hesitate to attain as much work experience in this field as possible, as it will look great on your CV and show how passionate you are about a particular role/industry.

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