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Two column Arial Narrow CV template

A smart CV template in black and white that uses the neat and tidy Arial Narrow font - perfect if you have a lot of information to include but don't want to make an excessively long CV. Your information is presented on the right of the page, with headings on the left to make it very easy for your prospective employers to glance through and find what they are looking for. Your name and personal information is at the top as it should be, ensuring your employer can contact you about an interview when they are ready. Short dividing lines split up the sections but because they are not full width, the overall feel of the template is not boxy or cluttered.

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About this CV template:

We designed the Arial Narrow CV template with the idea that some people have a lot of information to put on their CV but don't want to overwhelm the employer with page after page of details. By using a neat, simple font that is smaller than regular typeface, it's possible to include a lot more detail while keeping the overall feel spacious and easy to read. By putting the headings on the left in larger lettering, we've made it easier for your prospective employer to scan through a large amount of information and find what they are looking for. It's easy to copy and paste in additional sections if you need further headings, such as Professional Memberships and Accreditation.

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very nice thanks

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tidy design.

Why you should research the company before sending your CV 

Conducting research on a company before you send your CV is a great way of giving you a head start. Not only will this knowledge help you to shape your CV, but it will also give you an advantage during the interview.

Why do I need to do my research? 

Your CV should be tailored to the role, industry and company you are applying to. Carrying out research on the company as well as the role is a great way to start the whole process, and will provide you all the knowledge you need to not only make a great CV, but to also have a great chance to shine in the interview – and it could also help decide if the job is right for you before you apply.

What kind of information am I looking for? 

This all depends on the role and the company, but some examples of what you are looking for are:

What does the company do?

What do they strive to achieve?

What have they achieved?

What does the company want for the future?

Who are their customers?

What does the job require? (skills, qualifications, experience)

How can I use this information in my CV? 

Now that you’ve done your research you can begin to tailor your CV to what you believe the hiring manager would like to see from a candidate. A generic CV is not going to make it in today’s world, and with such a competitive market the only way to get ahead is to show the employer that you understand the role and the company’s goals.

Utilise the information you have gathered and highlight all the relevant information you know the hiring manager would like to see. The employer is obviously not going to be too concerned with any past roles that don’t have any bearing on their company, so they can take a back seat whilst you focus on highlighting the relevant skills, qualifications and experience.

Now that you know what is relevant and important, you can make this shine through on your CV and showcase what they are obviously looking for in an application. A good example of this would be to list some results and achievements from your past roles, rather than simply stating your tasks and responsibilities.

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