If you've landed on this page, it's likely because the PDF link from the CV template that you were looking at was broken. Sorry about that! The best thing to do now is to hit the back button on your browser and go back to the template you were looking at. You can download it by clicking the 'Free Download' link on the page.

Q: Why do your CV templates have PDF previews?

Many of our CVs have a PDF preview feature on their individual download pages. We have created this because we know our users have different versions of Microsoft Word and occasionally when they download one of our CV templates, it may not look exactly as it should. The PDF copy of the CV can help users identify what the template should look like, and to make small adjustments.  The picture at the top of the individual download page may also be helpful. However, any of our templates run onto two pages. We don't always provide a picture of the second page.

The most common cause of a template looking incorrect is not installing the required fonts. Check on each template download page and see what font is required. Then (before opening up the template), check in Microsoft Word to see if you have that font on the font list. If you don't, use the link to the font or do a search on the web to find it.

If you've never installed a new font before, we've explained how in our guide, 'How to edit your CV templates'. It's really easy and just involves downloading the file and double clicking on it, then hitting 'install' - simple!

Once you've installed the font, open up your CV template. If you open the CV template first, you'll find you have to 'apply' the font to individual parts of the template by highlighting the text and changing to the font in the drop down. This can take quite a lot of extra time and can be difficult, as you don't know which part of the template uses which font. This is where our PDF guides can be very helpful. However, if you just do the font installation first, you'll avoid all that wasted time and difficulty anyway.

So, that explains why we have PDF versions of our templates. It is not intended to be extra content as such (they are noindex/nofollow), but simply to help our users see the correct layout. We hope you find the PDF previews helpful when using our website.

Q: Why don't ALL of your CVs have PDF previews?

The PDF previews are a relatively new feature for our site so we are working through the templates to introduce them.

Q: Where can I go now?

If you don't want to go back to the template you were on, here are some places you may want to go now: