There are lots of factors which can affect a good work-life balance – from salary to holidays, from your co-workers to managers, to the actual tasks you perform each day. If just one of those aspects is causing you issues, it could have a massive influence on your life and happiness levels.

First of all, try to be realistic in your expectations. You should always be flexible and open to change within your role and the company you work for. As the months and years roll on the likelihood that a chance is just round the corner increases dramatically, so be prepared for the unexpected. Anything can happen, and whether it’s a change in your job description, a move to another department, a new manager or owner, and so on – be as understanding as possible and move with the times.

However, there will be times during your career when you need to take action and make some drastic changes. If your work-life balance is in need of help, don’t hesitate to look at all your options. Think before you act, and consider speaking to your manager if you feel there’s a chance that something affecting you could be resolved. Looking for another job may be the answer, but always consider speaking to the employer in case they have a solution which is far easier.

We also offer some advice on when you should and shouldn’t complain to your employer when you’re not happy. Your relationship with the employer needs to always remain positive if you want to have job satisfaction. You should always approach any issues you have with a positive attitude and with possible solutions.