In today’s tough job market, social media plays an incredibly important role for both employers and employees. More employers than ever before are using social media as part of the candidate screening process – so getting your profiles in order before you apply for a job is now a prerequisite.

The message you give out to employers via your social media profiles should be a positive one. This means that screening your accounts before you apply is extremely important. An inappropriate picture or comment could send out the wrong message entirely, and may even lead to a rejection based on this.

Consider searching for your name as an employer would, so you can see what they see. An old forum you commented on in the past could provide an inaccurate representation of your thoughts today, and may need deleting before it gets into the wrong hands.

Social media also brings new opportunities for job seekers – the ability to discover jobs directly by following companies, the ability to network with people from companies of interest, and the ability to plant your name firmly in the minds of those hiring for new positions through discussion and participation.

In addition, candidates can create an online CV and portfolio through LinkedIn, showcasing more of their skills and experience, and harnessing the power of recommendations from respected industry associates. However, your LinkedIn profile must be completed in a comprehensive manner, ensuring as much detail as possible is entered.

Your professional persona has to shine on one of the most important business networks used today by both employers and employees. LinkedIn can yield huge benefits to the job seeker that takes the time to carefully craft a profile which represents an individual who absorbs themselves in their career.

Social media simply cannot be ignored – and our articles will help guide you through using this powerful channel to build your dream career.