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Helvetica Blue Layout Word CV template

Our blue layout Word CV template uses the popular Helvetica font throughout (with a free link to download included in the template, in case you don't have it). The layout is achieved through tables so it is easy to customise and add extra sections if you'd like to include further information.

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  • File format: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • File name: blue-layout-word-cv.docx
  • Fonts: Helvetica
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About this CV template:

Our blue layout CV template uses the Helvetica font - a really good choice of font for your CV or résumé. It also uses tables to create a smart blue layout with a band down one side and a slot for an optional picture. You can of course delete this if you'd prefer not to include a photo on your CV. Each section of this CV template has a blue heading, which is easy to customise - and to create more sections just copy and paste the existing rows.

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5 5 1
excellent format

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Very good

A lovely fresh CV layout with the option of a profile pic. The key here is to use a high quality printer and quality paper – this assures you of the best result.

A candidate is surprised that the job interview did not go as well as he thought

3 things you should never put on your CV 

Knowing what to exclude from your CV can be just as important as knowing what to include. There are certain occasions when this comes down to personal choice, however there are some things which you should never put down in your CV.

Here’s our top 5 list of things you should never put on your CV… 

Irrelevant work experience 

It doesn’t matter how amazing you were at serving burgers when you were 17 if it doesn’t have any bearing on a role you are now applying for. Even though you shouldn’t remove work experience as gaps are a bad idea, you should still however keep this kind of info down to a minimum and focus on the relevant roles which showcase the right skills and experience the employer is looking for.

Personal details 

You don’t need to include your personal details on a CV, for instance marital status or religion. This information has no relevance to the role and cannot be requested from the employer.

You may find that you are judged on this information if you decide to include it and it’s really not worth taking the risk. Even though we’d like to think we live in a world where employer’s don’t discriminate, it does still happen every day and from your perspective it just isn’t worth the hassle. 


You should never lie on your CV, even if it’s just a small one that you are confident will never come out – it can and most likely will!

Lying about past work experience, skills and especially qualifications is a big no-no, and taking that kind of risk could put your career in jeopardy. There’s a good chance that you get caught out during the interview, which is a sure fire way of losing any hope you had of a second interview or even the position.

If the employer hires you and then finds out you lied on your CV, there is a good chance you’ll be dismissed. Even if you don’t get fired you’ve probably ruined your chances of promotion further down the road.

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