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This smart Word CV template uses the Helvetica font and a free download link is included in the file itself, in case you don't have it already. Helvetica has been shown to be one of the most effective fonts to use on a CV - it is clean, modern and easy to read, and has just the right level of professionalism. This template has a crisp simple layout and is built with tables, making it easy to customise and expand with your own information. The design can be printed in greyscale if you don't have a colour printer and will look just as attractive as the blue box version.

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About this CV template:

Our Helvetica Word CV template is stylish without being fussy. A great font and neatly laid out sections divided up with boxes make it really easy to navigate and read for prospective employers. There's the usual sections you'd expect on a CV - including a space for your objective, work experience, education, skills and references - and you can copy and paste one of the boxes if you'd like to add further information to suit your own needs.

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How to customise the ‘Objective’ section of your Helvetica Word CV template

The ‘objective statement’ can also be called ‘personal statement’ and ‘career objective’. No matter which one you choose the employer will expect you to write about the following three topics. Firstly, you can briefly summarise who you are. Secondly, you can tell your prospective employer what exactly you’re looking for.

You might say for example:

I am a junior marketing assistant looking for a more advanced role where I can build on the skills and expertise I’ve acquired.

Finally, this spot is a great place to include some of your key projects and any related achievements. Wherever possible, prospective employers like to see measurable results for this type of information. For example, don’t just say ‘this project was very successful’. Instead, briefly describe the project, say what the goal was, and then say how far you achieved the goal.

Here are two examples of objective statements

Example number 1:

“I am a Junior Marketing Assistant with 2 years’ of experience supporting a busy marketing and commercial team by providing assistance maintaining and producing a range of marketing and sales materials. In addition, I provide a general support function across the marketing department.

I am looking for a more advanced role that will allow me to build on the skills and expertise I have acquired. I am experienced in delivering projects to high standards and tight deadlines – for example, earlier this year I developed a range of marketing materials to complement the launch of a new website fora leading legal services firm, designed to supply the right information to the right clients or prospects, at the right time.”

Example number 2:

“I am a Marketing Executive with 7 years’ of experience working at two reputable marketing agencies in the City. I have recently moved and I am looking for a challenging role closer to my new address. 

My skills include events management, designing and developing intelligent email campaigns, SEO, social media and PPC analysis. My recent email campaign for a software client resulted in a 29.7% open rate and 7.3% CTR, with past campaigns for various clients having similar stats.”

Tips on how to write an objective or personal statement

Don’t write too much! It’s meant to be a quick and snappy summary to catch your prospective employer’s attention and persuade them to read the rest of the CV. They don’t have the time to read numerous paragraphs detailing your career to date. Three short paragraphs covering the points above are perfectly fine.

Be specific! Avoid fluffy words and phrases such as ‘I work well both on my own and in a team’. Or, ‘I’m hard working and dedicated and I enjoy a challenge’. The employer has read too many of these cliché statements and wants to see actual evidence instead. So rather than tell them how great you are, you should show them. Provide examples of your performance – this could include successful projects, sales figures, and so on.

Please read our full guide on – Writing your personal profile CV section.

Use ‘power words’ for your CV where you can. Not sure what a ‘power word’ is? Here are a few examples:

  • Accelerated
  • Balanced
  • Developed
  • Exceeded
  • Qualified
  • Secured
  • Upgraded

To see the top 100 power words, please read this fantastic article – Top 100 Most Powerful Resume Words.

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