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Banded CV Template

The band at the top and right of this CV template really helps make an impact with prospective employers. There's space to put in your target job title and your key skills - whatever type of role you're going for. Your information is organised very neatly in sections which are easier to read than long lists of text. You've also got the chance to expand out on the core information by adding more detail and key achievements in the sections in between. You can grow this CV template and mold it into exactly what you need to meet your own requirements, with ease. Please do make sure you download and install the required fonts before you open the file so it appears as it should.

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Our new fresh one page "Banded" CV template is so called because it features soft grey bands that help to divide up your information in a really attractive way. Using three free fonts, it looks smart and eye-catching, bringing your job application to the attention of prospective employers. There are lots of sections where you can highlight your key information too including a top section for a summary and a key points section underneath your employment history.

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Very effective one page CV template, thank you x

Whatever job you’re going for, it’s really important to present your information to your prospective employers in a way that is easy to skim read. It’s also important to catch their eye but you need to do this in a way that isn’t gimicky or unprofessional. Our Banded CV template in Microsoft Word is perfect for achieving these aims. It features a really smart design with gorgeous simple styling that is all about presenting your details neatly, clearly and in an attractive format. Here are some tips for customising your new Banded CV template:

  • Make sure you have the Garamond font installed – otherwise your CV template won’t look the way it’s supposed to. There are plenty of free downloads online.
  • Add new lines to the tables using the tab key – just tab your way to the end of the table and beyond – a new line appears automatically.
  • If you need to change the background of a row, highlight the row by clicking to the left of it, then right click and use Borders and Shading.
  • Use the very top section for your desired job title and to highlight a few core skills or achievements. For example, these could say “3 years experience – bilingual – full clean driving licence” etc. The main thing is to pick out the skills / experience / qualifications that you have that your employer is looking for. This will catch their eye when they are browsing through their pile of CVs and applications, and make them want to read more.
  • Use the list under your experience to highlight key achievements. Make it clear which role the achievement relates to.
  • Think about what your prospective employer would want to see (read the job ad carefully) and tailor what you write to them. By that, we don’t mean make things up! Just focus in on the skills and experience you have that (a) they are looking for or (b) could be useful to their company.
  • Do add extra sections to the CV template if you need them. The template is designed to be generic across a range of careers but for some careers, more information is needed. You can simply copy and paste the dark blue headings to make additional sections to meet your needs – or copy and paste a table if this would be a better way to present your information.

We hope you love our new Banded CV template and we’d welcome your feedback, as always!

NB: A new design for this template was uploaded 8th September 2018.

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