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Icon CV template

This smart CV template features a section at the top for the very best moments in your career to date, and more sections for your information. Each section is enhanced with icons and graphics illustrating its contents. The CV uses a fresh colour scheme but this is very easy to customise if you'd prefer another colour such as grey. All of the headers can easily be changed in Word as well. Do be sure to download and install the required fonts before opening up the CV file.

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We're huge fans of this one page timeline CV with its cute custom icons and smart styling. Sell yourself in the timeline area at the top showcasing the highlights of your education and career - and then include all of the necessary information in the info, education, work experience and skills sections underneath. A fresh CV template with an original design that stands out and is perfect for attracting attention.

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3 things to leave off your CV

So you’ve found a great CV template and you’re filling in all your experience and qualifications – but what should you leave off? Are there any words or phrases that will put off a prospective employer? Here are some things you should never include on your CV, however tempting it may be!

  • “Socialising”: Whilst your employer will want to know you’ll fit in great with the other team members, they’ll also want to know you’ll show up to your shifts on time, ready to give 100%. Listing ‘socialising’ as one of your hobbies essentially tells your employer that you like to party so they better order in the Alka Seltzer if they want you on form. Better hobbies to mention are fitness and sports activities, both of which suggest you’ll have less sick days.
  •  “Spending time with my children”: Whilst some employers understand that having children means you will have to take the odd day off to nurse a poorly child or leave work a little earlier when your childminder lets you down, others are less understanding. Don’t give a prospective employer the chance to discriminate against you before you’ve even landed an interview – leave personal details like this off.
  • “I left because my slave-driving employer made me work 60 hour weeks”: Many of us move jobs because we don’t like our current position, whether it’s the pay, the hours, the work or indeed, the boss from hell. Prospective employers understand that you’ll have at least one job you’ve left because of a disagreement or dislike of the employer – but there’s really no need to spell it out with any emotion. If you badmouth a past employer, you’ll come across as a negative person who is just as likely to badmouth your new employer. Carefully word reasons for leaving to ensure they are framed in the positive.

NB: This CV template was updated on 8th September 2018.

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