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This stylish free CV template is perfectly designed for a teaching role. It uses a teaching icon and a graph-paper background to set the scene, and presents your information neatly over two pages using a two column layout. On the left, your personal details are followed by space for two key achievements or quotes from your references - whilst on the right, there's lots of room for your career objective, key skills and work experience. The CV spans two pages although can easily be adjusted to use more or less - with the second page having room for your education, interests and choice of references. Built using tables, this CV template is an absolute breeze to edit and customise, making it the perfect choice for lots of roles.

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123, The Dairy, Swinton, Derby DE1 234
(01332) 123456 | alice.jones@aol.com

Alice has proved herself highly capable of promoting partnerships and collaborative working, and of working as a role model for both students and staff.”


Alice is an inspiring and dedicated teacher of English who has the ability to push the boundaries of Learning and Teaching.”



I am a talented, dynamic and an ambitious teacher, who can ensure good progress for all pupils. I can inspire and facilitate high quality learning through engaging and effective teaching techniques. I am looking for a position teaching English at KS3/KS4.


  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS / QTLS).
  • Previous experience delivering English lessons to Key stage 3 and Key stage 4 students.
  • Ability to plan, deliver and assess lessons that ensure students are learning at their full potential.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication, professional yet friendly body language, and the ability to really listen.
  • Good motivational skills.  Excellent behaviour management skills and the ability to keep students engaged and on task.
  • Confident in attending school meetings and parents evenings as and when required.
  • Ability to create strong working relationships with both students and colleagues.
  • Able to adapt communication style to the needs of different students depending on age, culture, ability & learning style.


English Teacher
SchoolsRUs ~ 2015 – 2018
This role required me to be a dynamic, inspirational and enthusiastic classroom practitioner with high expectations of my own classroom. I was fully committed to learning, high quality teaching and raising standards of all students, passionate about my subject; and able to inspire and motivate students and staff. At all times I was committed to ensuring all students reach their potential.

English Teacher
Supaschool ~ 2011– 2015
This role required me to operate within a dynamic and forward thinking team who are focused on developing exciting and engaging learning experiences for students across the 11-19 age range. In this role I was able to recognise opportunities and face challenges, whilst maintaining my sense of humour and care for young people. At all times I showed high levels of enthusiasm, ambition, energy, resilience and determination.

Trainee Teacher
Very Big School ~ 2009 – 2011
In this role, I developed an appreciation for the place of English in the development of young people and of the place of English within the wider curriculum. I maintained excellent relationships with students and parents, and demonstrated a willingness to explore innovative and dynamic methods for teaching and learning.


Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

BA English (Upper Second Class Honours)
Super University Limited ~ 2007-2009

A Levels
Super College Limited ~ 2005-2007
English (A), Maths (A), Biology (A), Media (C)

Super School Limited ~ 2001-2005
9 GCSEs grade C and above including English (A) and Maths (A)


Knitting, Reading, Cooking, Jewellery Making, Photography, Scrapbooking.

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Teacher CV - page 2

Top tips for customising your teacher CV template:

  • You can replace the icon with a head shot photo if you want to. If you’re not sure whether this is appropriate, consider our article ‘Should I include a CV photo?‘. To add in a photo, just right click on the picture and choose ‘Change Picture’.
  • This CV template is designed using tables, which makes it very easy to edit. We suggest enabling text boundaries to make the editing process even easier. In Word 2010 it’s in FILE > OPTIONS > ADVANCED under “Show document content”.
  • The grey rectangle is a shape that is positioned behind the text. If you need to copy and paste a new one (for example, to make a third page), you might find the gridlines useful when lining everything up.  In Word 2010, these are under the VIEW tab, in the SHOW Section (Ruler, Gridlines and Navigation Pane are there). Once you’ve copied and pasted your grey rectangle into the third page, right click and choose SEND TO BACK > SEND BEHIND TEXT. This allows you to utilise the column for text if you want to, without it being hidden behind the shape.

Teacher CV writing advice: hobbies and interests

When it comes to writing the perfect teaching assistant CV it’s easy to assume that the ‘hobbies and interests’ section is of little importance. All you need to do is throw in a few cliché hobbies – ‘I like to read, go out on weekends, and watch movies’. Simple, right?

But is there much more to the hobbies section of a CV, and should we place more importance on what could easily be viewed as an unnecessary part of the hiring and CV writing process?

Who cares about my hobbies?

You may be surprised to know that most employers do actually take note of what a candidate gets up to in their spare time. But why, and what are they looking for?

Due to the format of the CV it can be quite hard for the hiring manager to get any kind of feel for your personality, and this is especially true if you don’t write a cover letter. Your hobbies are a great way to connect with the employer on a personal level, and shine a bit of light on what can be quite an arduous process when it comes to short listing CVs for an interview.

An employer is not just interested in the skills and qualifications you have, they are also looking to see how you could potentially fit into a team, get along with other workers, and integrate into the company’s culture. The interview stage is obviously the best forum for the employer to find out more about someone’s personality, but during the initial short listing of CVs there may not be much to go on.

How can an employer benefit from my hobbies?

Someone who is the captain of their local football team will most likely have leadership qualities, great communication skills, and the ability to work well with and organise a team. These are all the qualities an employer could be looking for in an employee, so although managing or captaining a football team could be seen as just a hobby, there is a lot more to it if you delve much further into the skills that are being used.

If you were reading through a CV and you noticed that this particular candidate took part in a lot of charity work, you would instantly assume that they were very helpful and friendly. Although you don’t know this for sure, you begin to build up a picture in your mind of the type of person they could be. Someone that gives up a lot of their spare time to help others will very likely be a great team player for your company.

Can I not just put – ‘I like to go to the cinema’?

The problem with this is that you are not really giving the employer much to go on. If you like to go to the cinema, then you are being honest and confirming what you like to do in your spare time. However, this isn’t very interesting and every word counts when it comes to writing a great CV, and if you take up valuable space with anything that doesn’t add value, then you should really consider leaving it off.

An employer likes to see passion and dedication ooze from a CV, and although you should express this through the work experience and skills section, you need to make sure your CV doesn’t falter throughout the entire two pages and remains consistent. Yes, the hobbies section is not as important as those others, but it doesn’t mean to say you can’t take advantage of every available opportunity.

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