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Alternative bold black CV/résumé template

An alternative version of our popular bold black résumé template which makes use of both Arial Bold and Arial Narrow to create a stunning impact. Stand out from the crowd with this eye-catching template that is sure to help set you apart from other candidates.

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About this CV template:

This CV/résumé template uses an interesting combination of Arial Black and Arial Narrow for the headings and text, giving it an edgy appearance that will help make your application stand out. The beige border provides a simple, subtle design detail to complete the page and give you a very professional looking, well presented CV or résumé.

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This CV sample is exactly what i was looking for.

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dahora em tio

Speak with the hiring manager before you send your CV 

Now this may seem like a bold move, but we can assure you that in the right circumstances this can pay off big time! You will certainly need to use your best judgment here but it is definitely something worth considering.

The phrase ‘straight from the horses mouth’ precisely sums up what you’re aiming to achieve here, and speaking directly with the hiring manager has many benefits. If you get permission to speak with them and they seem quite open and willing to talk to you about the role, you can ask some great questions to give yourself that edge over the other candidates.

Dig a little deeper

Find out what type of candidate they are looking for, and what are the most important qualities they would like to see. Although the skills and qualifications required will have been stated on the job advert, it’s important to get a little more focus on exactly the hiring manager is looking for. Sometimes adverts can list more things than what is actually important, so don’t be afraid to run over a few points with them from the advert and find out exactly what they are looking for.

Passionate managers tell all

Managers love talking about their team and the company they work for, as well as the service they provide. Also ask them more about what they do and listen to how passionate they get. Take notes on absolutely everything and look back over these notes before you write your CV.

Make a great impression

Finally, one of the biggest benefits you’ll achieve from talking to the hiring manager is that you’ll make a lasting impression – hopefully a good one we hope lol! Make it clear to them what your full name is at the start of the conversation and also at the end.

Extra tips –

  • Listen to every word and never interrupt
  • Be extremely positive and passionate about what they do and the role
  • Explain how excited you are to get the opportunity to talk directly with the manager and that you are looking forward to sending your application
  • Thank them for giving up their valuable time to speak today

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