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This two-page fresh CV template uses the Open Sans font family with minimal style details for a clean, crisp and easy-to-read layout. The sample content is tailored for a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) role but the template can be used for any industry or profession.

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If you're looking for a basic, clean CV template with no fuss or fancy graphics, this could be just the ticket. Our TEFL CV is a two-page, single column template that doesn't use tables or graphics, making it ideal for ATS applications.

* Every effort has been made to design this CV template according to best practice so that your information can be read by ATS software correctly. However, all Applicant Tracking Systems are different and no guarantees can be offered.

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Annie Jones | ESL teacher

123 High Street, Lincoln LN1 234  |  01332 123456  |  anniejones@aol.com

 LinkedIn @anniejones  |  Twitter @loveanniej

Languages: English, Mandarin (Conversational), French (Conversational)

Personal statement

I am a TEFL BA graduate with 2+ years of experience teaching English to multilingual classes of between 4 and 8 students. I have taught both adult and teenage students (age 12+). I am competent at preparing my own lesson plans, selecting appropriate texts and adapting ESL materials.

Work history

ESL Teacher, ICSA School of English, Exeter (Part time, 20 hours per week)

May 2019 – date

I teach mixed nationality children aged 12 to 17 at this British Council accredited school. Lessons were varied, including grammar, reading and writing, listening and speaking, drama based activities and practice during trips out into Exeter city centre and the quayside

ESL Teacher, Optima Training UK Limited

July – August 2018 (fixed term)

I delivered workshops to ESL adults which included developing specific language for presentation skills, developing small talk and understanding language relating to the UK school system, doctor’s appointments and the world of work.

ESL Teacher, English Means Business, Bath (Part time, 15 hours per week)

June 2017 – June 2018

I delivered the starter course (high A2 / B1 level) to adults which included helping students develop a stronger understanding of basic language structures, developing a broader vocabulary, techniques for more accurate listening and pronunciation, and improving confidence in speaking and writing. The course also covered language relating to travelling and networking.

Assistant Manager, McDonalds, Exeter (Part time, 20 hours per week)

June 2017 – date

I lead a team and support the Business Manager with the day to day running of the McDonald’s unit. I have the responsibility for delivering excellent customer service and driving operational standards. In particular I ensure the highest standards of health and food safety are adhered to at all times.


BA Teaching English as a Foreign Language, 2:1, University of Exeter

September 2016 – June 2017

This three-year degree covered second language learning, foundations of TEFL, language in society, practical training in TEFL methods linguistics and sociolinguistics and the structure of the English language. As part of my studies I was awarded a stand-alone certificate in TEFL.

A Level English (A), Maths (B) and Geography, Exeter College

September 2014 – June 2016

9 GCSEs grade C and above including English (A) and Maths (A), Exeter Comprehensive

September 2011 – June 2014


I have written over 100 articles for various TEFL websites. Some of my most popular contributions include:

‘How to Find a TEFL Job Without Teaching Experience’ (TEFL.org, June 2018)

‘How to fund your TEFL travel’ (i-to-i.com, August 2017)

‘25 Tongue Twisters to Improve Pronunciation in English’ (Premiere TEFL, July 2017)


When I am not teaching, I love going to the gym and hiking. I also love getting out on the trails on my bike. I enjoy travel and love going off the beaten track to discover new cultures and experiences.


When I am not teaching, I love going to the gym and hiking. I also love getting out on the trails on my bike. I enjoy travel and love going off the beaten track to discover new cultures and experiences.

Template details:

This simple TEFL CV template is a great choice for just about any profession. Featuring crisp, clean typography, a basic layout with no fancy elements and subtle but effective spacing, it’s a solid choice for most job applications.

Here’s a preview of page two of this template:

TEFL CV template - page 2

Features of this TEFL CV:

Example content

If you’re looking for a job teaching English as a foreign language, the example content will inspire you. The content imagines that the applicant has had some part time TEFL experience and at the same time holds a part time position for a local restaurant. However, don’t feel disheartened if your experience is not as broad. Many companies are happy to accept graduates (with any subject of degree) who either hold a TEFL qualification or who are willing to work towards it.

Crisp font

The CV template uses Open Sans which is available from Google (free) here: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Open+Sans 

Letter spacing

Subtle letter spacing add a little creative flair to this CV. This is used for the headings and for your contact information.

Heading borders

All headings, together with your contact information, feature borders at the top and bottom. This helps divide up your information and makes your CV easier to read.

Grey shading

A dark grey colour is used for some of the details. This adds a subtle style detail whilst ensuring that the lines are not too bold.

Smart spacing

1.15 pt line spacing is used throughout. However, single line spacing is used in the employment and qualifications sections to ensure that details are separated and easy-to-read.

Narrow margins

The CV uses narrow margins to allow the maximum possible information across two pages.

Easy to edit

Having no columns, text boxes or tables to fiddle with, this CV template is incredibly easy to edit!

What to include on a TEFL CV

Writing a TEFL CV is quite similar to any other profession, but there are some subtle differences. These unique differences stand out to any manager knowing what to look for. If you miss out on these important details you may never hear back from them.

Including personal information on your TEFL CV

On a typical standard CV you would be expected to provide your name and contact information. This would usually be your email address and mobile number. But on a TEFL CV you should also provide your nationality and date of birth. The reason for this is that some countries have visa restrictions based on a person’s nationality and their age.

It’s important to know that your visa is legal and above board. There have been cases in the past that teachers have unwittingly been duped into believing their paperwork is accurate and legal. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case, so read Visa crackdowns and TEFL for further information.

Including a photo on your TEFL CV

Whether you should include a photo on your CV often divides the community. On the one hand you may find that a professional photo adds a nice touch to your application. It can sometimes be nice for a face to be put to a name, especially when the employer is trying to build up a picture of how well you may fit into the team. However, a photo could also have a negative affect on the outcome of a job interview. You may not want the employer to have the chance to discriminate against you, so leaving off your photo could be the safest way to go.

For more information read – Should I include a CV photo?

When it comes to writing a TEFL CV it would usually be advisable to include a photo. Because you are unlikely to be having an interview in person, you can often make your CV more personable by adding a photo.

Here are the dos and don’ts on your choice of CV photo:

  • Don’t use a passport photo
  • Avoid using Facebook selfie pics
  • Choose a picture that makes you look confident and friendly
  • Attach the photo separately if it takes up too much space on your CV
  • Choose something appropriate – use your common sense
  • Use a professional photo

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