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This stylish CV template has been designed with engineering roles in mind, although it could easily be adapted to a multitude of other positions. It features an engineering icon at the top and a 'blueprint' background, with a white bar highlighting both contact info and quotes from references. These sections could alternatively be used for achievements. The template places a huge focus on skills which are typically of key importance when it comes to engineering roles. However, the template has been created using tables which span across two pages, so it's very easy to expand or reduce sections to suit your needs.

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  • Fonts required: Open Sans Light, Acme font (for the quotation marks)
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  • Free Download: Engineering CV template in Word Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.

About this CV template:

This CV template uses two free fonts: Open Sans Light and Acme, which you'll need to download and install before you start customising the template. The dark green used in the template is RGB shade R55 G92 B59, with the rest of the text in black.

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NB: This is a two-page CV template which can be expanded or reduced to have more or less pages, to meet your needs. The background will simply expand onto the pages as you add more content.

The background picture is used under license and should not be reproduced, other than for personal use in connection with this CV template.

To ensure that the pictures in this template look great when you save/print, we recommend:

  2. Save the template from Adobe Acrobat as a PDF, or whilst in Word, choose PRINT and then choose ‘PDF’ as the printer.

To change the picture in the template (for example, to insert a headshot) simply right click and choose ‘Change Picture’.

It’s also helpful to have text boundaries visible whilst editing this CV template (they won’t show up when saving as a PDF or printing). To do this, in Word 2010, go to FILE > OPTIONS > ADVANCED OPTIONS and under ‘SHOW DOCUMENT CONTENT’ select ‘SHOW TEXT BOUNDARIES’.

Top CV tips: why you shouldn’t lie on your CV

Job seeking can be a very stressful time, and being without pay for a long period can cause all sorts of problems. Bills are not getting paid, food is not being put on the table, and lots of other issues can arise from being unemployed. So what’s the solution? Should you tell a few lies on your CV and maybe embellish things a little to get an interview?

If you’re considering doing something like this you really need to read on and find out more about what could go wrong, and the overall consequences of telling ‘porkies’ on your CV. Here’s why you shouldn’t lie on your CV:

It will make the interview harder

Having a few embellishments on your CV or even telling some outright lies is going to make things very hard for you during the interview. When questioned about your past work experience, your qualifications and your skills, you are going to have to backup your claims with great answers – and this is where you’ll likely be caught out.

It may seem like a good idea at the time but changing a few job titles around, adding a little more work experience, maybe just the one extra qualification, an extra skill, and maybe even a fake reference is going to make you look foolish when attempting to answer questions.

Experienced interviewers can easily spot a fraud from a mile away, and when your answers don’t flow very well and you stumble from time to time, the employer is going to guess that you are not able to backup the claims you’ve made on your CV.

Writing anything on a CV is the easy part, but as soon as you’re actually face to face with the employer things can turn sour very quickly!

You are wasting everybody’s time

As soon as your lies are uncovered it’s back to square one again and back to reading the job listings searching for your next victim. An employer will put a lot of time and money into the recruitment process, and if you make it through to the interview stage just to be rejected for your CV embellishments, you’ve obviously wasted a lot of time.

You’re also wasting your own time which could be better spent writing an honest and truthful CV and applying for other jobs. You should focus more on how you can write a fantastic CV than how you can make subtle dishonest changes to fool the employer.

You could get fired

If you do get past the interview stage and get the job, there is still a good chance that you’re found out and could be instantly fired. Remember, you’ve been hired because your CV stated you had the right skills and qualifications to do the job. You’re going to get found out very quickly if you can’t actually perform like you said you could, and the employer is going to be left very frustrated.

You might even get fired for under performing rather than your CV lies being exposed, so you’re back to square one again searching for a job rather than making a great career for yourself.

About Jen Wiss-Carline

Jen Wiss-Carline has been a Senior Manager and Consultant for several sizeable companies which included dealing with all aspects of staff management and recruitment. She is also a Chartered Legal Executive, and was admitted as a Fellow in February 2006.

Jen's qualifications include:
LL.B (Hons) (1st)
Chartered Legal Executive (FCILEx)
PG Cert Bus Admin
PgDip Law (LPC)
LL.M (Master of Laws) (Distinction)

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