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Stylish Garamond CV template

Although not strictly necessary, the split of your personal information and other details on this smart, simple CV template creates a really eye catching design that will help your job application stand out from the pile. Your personal details are aligned to the left at the top of the template, and your experience, qualifications and other sections are aligned to the right, starting at the very top. This means your employer can dive straight into your CV, with the most important info right in front of them from the moment they pick it up. The left section expands as you add further information so there are no design limits on what you can include. The template uses the classic Garamond font which is a traditional, very smart font perfect for presenting your information in an easy-to-read format.

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About this CV template:

A very smart, clean CV template that uses a classic font, Garamond, to present your details. We've included quite a number of different sections here to inspire you, but there's no need to keep everything - you can edit or delete any of the add-on sections (such as languages and hobbies) to suit yourself.

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5 5 1
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How to choose the right reference for your CV 

It’s easy to believe that the references section of your CV isn’t very important, and simply stating the contact details of a previous manager is enough to complete your CV. However choosing the best reference could just tip the employer over the edge and gain you an interview.

How to choose the best references 

First of all you need to decide what your future employer is looking for in a candidate. This could be a particular set of skills or qualifications, or it could focus on communication skills or working as part of a team. Each role has it’s own specific requirements, which means choosing the very best reference isn’t as easy as you think.

A great way to decide who to choose is to first of all list everyone on a piece of paper. Compare this shortlist with the list of important requirements needed for the new role, and this will now allow you to make a better choice.

For example, which of these people actually worked in the same industry as the new role you are applying for? Which one worked very closely beside you and has first hand knowledge and experience seeing you work on a daily basis?

Stay clear if you can of choosing a manager who didn’t actually interact with you very often, especially if you were a part of a very large team. Your direct line manager or work colleague is the best choice as they will be able to provide a very detailed accurate reference. If your reference sounds a little vague and less detailed than expected, the new employer might be put off and make the assumption that your reference doesn’t really care too much.

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