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Although not strictly necessary, the split of your personal information and other details on this smart, simple CV template creates a really eye catching design that will help your job application stand out from the pile. Your personal details are aligned to the left at the top of the template, and your experience, qualifications and other sections are aligned to the right, starting at the very top. This means your employer can dive straight into your CV, with the most important info right in front of them from the moment they pick it up. The left section expands as you add further information so there are no design limits on what you can include. This childcare CV example uses the classic Garamond font which is a traditional, very smart font perfect for presenting your information in an easy-to-read format.

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A very smart, clean childcare CV template that uses a classic font, Garamond, to present your details. We've included quite a number of different sections here to inspire you, but there's no need to keep everything - you can edit or delete any of the add-on sections to suit yourself.

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Jessie Bloggs | Childcare Assistant

31, High Street, Derby DE1 2DY | | 07984 111222
Enhanced DBS | Notice period: 1 month

Personal Statement

I am a competent early-years worker with a range of experience working with young children from pre-school through to primary school. I hold a C&G Level 3 Diploma in Playwork and I am over half way through completing a C & G Level 3 Early Years Educator Diploma. I am very passionate about making learning fun and delivering an exciting educational programme that makes children want to come to school every day. I am a very positive, upbeat individual with lots of energy who simply loves having the opportunity to make children’s lives better.

Employment History

Pre School Assistant
Our Lady of Lourdes Pre-school, Derby

In this role I provide support to the pre-school teachers, encouraging the children to explore and helping them learn while they play. I am constantly innovating with new activities that challenge and stretch the children’s learning and development further. A big part of this role is also building and maintaining positive relationships with the parents.

I work 4 days a week and providing additional support to breakfast club and after school club when required.

While in this role I have been studying for the City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Practitioner (Early Years Educator). I am about half way through my portfolio and have 36 credits.

Play worker
Stepping Stones After School Club, Derby
JANUARY 2016 – FEBRUARY 2018 (12.5 HRS/WEEK)

In this role I work at a busy after school club that caters for children from 4 – 11 years old. I get to do a lot of arts and crafts, play with children and generally helping to make the club a great environment for the kids.

Whilst in this position I completed City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Playwork which helped me to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to provide and support the children’s play needs and behaviours.

Lunchtime assistant
Kingsley Preparatory School, Nottingham
JUNE 2014 – DECEMBER 2015 (7.5 HRS/WEEK)

I assisted in the supervision of children in both the dining areas and in play areas. In addition to generally supervising lunchtimes, I set tables for lunch, helped the children line up and dealt with first aid incidents. Quite often I would be a ‘listening ear’ to the children and would deal with the many little playground issues that arose, escalating them for more serious issues. I attended several training days including First Aid and Food Hygiene training.


City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Practitioner (Early Years Educator) (NVQ) (no. 3605-03)
I am about half way through my portfolio and I have earned 36 of the required 64 credits.

City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Playwork (NVQ) (no. 4964-03)

8 GCSEs including English (B), Maths (B), Biology (C) and Chemistry (C).

Additional training

Nursery Level 2 Health and Safety practitioners training

Level 3 Supervisor Food Hygiene
JULY 2014

Skills and specialist knowledge

Understanding of:

  • Playwork Principles
  • Children’s Self-Directed Play
  • How to safeguard the well being of children
  • How to model, promote and support positive behaviour and transitions
  • Relationships in the Play Environment
  • Health, Safety and Security in the Play Environment
  • Develop and maintain a healthy, safe and secure play environment for children and young people
  • Developing and promoting positive relationships in a play environment
  • Child development and the effective use of observation and assessment
  • How to promote children’s health and welfare and their diversity, equality and inclusion in the Early Years sector
  • How to promote children’s speech, language and communication development


When I’m not working, I love spending time with my two children James (3) and Ella (5). I enjoy arts and crafts, swimming, playing the piano and singing – taking part in quite a few local theatre productions. I’m also a keen runner and usually take part in 2 or 3 half-marathons each year.

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How to write a childcare CV

Your childcare CV should be no more than 2 pages in length and must always have these sections:

  • Name and contact information
  • Work history
  • Qualifications

In addition, it’s common to include these sections:

  • Personal statement, setting out how you meet the job specification
  • Key skills
  • Hobbies and interests

Often people choose to include a ‘References‘ section at the end of their CV. However, this isn’t compulsory. The employer will ask you for two references if they’re about to offer you the job anyway, so leaving this section off makes little difference. However, if you have references from particularly impressive people, this would be a good reason to add in this section.

Our example child care CV also has a space for ‘additional training’ as it’s quite common for childcare, early years and play workers to have health and safety / food hygiene training.

You might also like to mention:

  • That you have a DBS check (and what type e.g. enhanced)
  • Full clean driving licence, if relevant
  • Your notice period e.g. 1 week, 1 month

It’s not usually advisable to include personal information on a CV, such as your race, religion or age. Doing so can increase the risk of discrimination before you even get the opportunity of an interview. However, for a role in childcare, you might like to mention that you have children if that is the case. Although you won’t include this in your work history, it is relevant because it will have helped you acquire valuable skills and experience!

Do study the job advert and ensure you cover any specific key skills and experience that the employer has asked for. In addition, include any experience that might be valuable to a prospective employer, such as preparation of lesson plans.

Q: What if I have no formal experience or relevant qualifications?

Having a lengthy work history or a perfect list of relevant qualifications isn’t always necessary for a childcare role. Often employers are interested in finding someone who is good with children and has the right kind of attitude and approach. But what do you put on your CV if you have no experience working with children at all?

As noted above, mention you have children if you do as this is relevant experience, even though it is not paid.

Also mention that you would be willing to work towards a formal qualification such as an NVQ – many employers mention this specifically in their job ads.

Consider taking some online courses to boost your qualifications section – for example, NDNA offer very reasonably priced online courses in nursery health and safety and food safety in a childcare setting.

You may be able to work with children in a more informal (unpaid) way to gain work experience for your work history section. If your children are still at school, speak to the teachers about volunteering regularly. This will often not be in your child’s class. Schools often welcome volunteers as they can assist with labour-intensive tasks such as listening to children read.

Speak to friends and family about helping with their children after school or babysitting.

If you have any formal qualifications, look for tutoring opportunities. Again this might be for friends/family, or with an online site such as Tutorful for example which allows you to create an online profile to advertise your services.

Look on sites such as Indeed for more volunteering opportunities working with young people (on, searching for ‘School’ and refining your search to volunteer positions brings up lots of relevant vacancies – you can of course be more specific than we have been about your location!).

Indeed search

There are a wide variety of positions available, from volunteering with youth groups for the fire service to working with community groups for parents with babies and children. All of this non-standard experience can be used in your work history to show that you’re the right person for the role.

Go through any past irrelevant work experience and emphasise any relevant transferable skills, such as communication skills.

Finally, if you are looking for a position in a school setting, why not prepare some of your own lesson plans and submit them to one of the many lesson plan websites on the web, such as Education World? You can then include these as relevant experience on your CV.

Originally published 11th February 2016.

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