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‘Well Drawn’ CV/résumé template

There's a slightly hand drawn feel to this neat résumé template with its boxy border and use of the Chaparrel Pro Light font. The font isn't a handwriting font per se but has a slightly imperfect feel to it - and the border again isn't absolutely precise, making it feel a little like you've taken the time to carefully pencil it in. These small but significant details give your résumé a quirky touch - just enough to get noticed but still retaining that all important professional feel.

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Unique in design, stylish to look at and with enough detail to make this résumé stand out from your fellow candidates - our 'Well Drawn' résumé template is a popular choice and the border finishes the page nicely with a stylish modern twist.

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Don’t keep the same old CV if you want to get ahead 

When an employer creates a job advert they want an applicant to take notice of what they are looking for. If you send them the same CV you’ve been using for years, it isn’t going to stand out from the crowd.

It isn’t the hiring manager’s job to read through your entire work history to see what experience you have and how that will relate to the new role. It’s your responsibility to make it clear to the employer that you are the right person for the job and that you recognise what they require.

Your old CV needs a revamp 

It today’s competitive job market it isn’t enough to simply update your work history and tasks before sending out your original CV to an employer. Your old and tired CV needs a revamp, an update, and focus if you want to get ahead of your competition.

Look for a new CV template 

It could be that your current CV layout is showing its age, so don’t hesitate to look through a selection of free CV templates on offer through our website. Choose something new and fresh, but that remains professional and relevant to the new role/industry.

Re-focus your CV – tailor it to the role 

Every CV should always be custom written and tailored to the role and industry you are applying for. A generic CV will not be good enough anymore as you will be up against lots of other CV’s that have taken note of the job advert and extracted keywords to use within the CV. For more information on how to use keywords please click here.

Highlight relevant tasks and responsibilities 

A great way to show the hiring manager that you have listened to what they want is to focus and highlight your past work history on what they require. For example, if communication and selling techniques are important to the new role, then highlight all your past tasks and achievements relating to these two aspects.

Don’t fall into the trap of listing an endless amount of irrelevant tasks and responsibilities that are clearly not going to be of much use for the new job. Especially some of your first roles in lower level positions that were 10-15 years ago. It’s very likely that your job as a waitress or filing clerk isn’t going to make much of an impression, however your last management role certainly would.

Keep those jobs short and to the point, and expand upon the relevant information only.

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