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Written Headers CV/résumé template

A touch of handwriting using the Bradley Hand ITC font gives this résumé template a more informal feel, but the neat sections and printed details keep it professional. The grey and black is a winning combination and the grey border has a hand drawn feel to it, complementing the handwritten font headings. The use of Arial Narrow for your important information gives you plenty of space to include lots of detail if you need to, and ensures that your important information is easy to read.

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  • File size: 17 kB
  • File format: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • File name: Resume-Template-Written-Headers.docx
  • Fonts: Bradley Hand ITC, Arial Narrow
  • Price: Free download
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About this CV template:

One of our 'handwritten' résumé choices, this résumé template uses touches of Bradley Hand ITC - just enough to give it a quirky handwritten finish without seeming too informal. The sections in Arial Narrow retain that professional feel you'll be looking for, and keep your work experience, education and skills neat and tidy.

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The importance of research before writing your CV 

If you fail to conduct any research on the role, company and industry you are applying for, you are going to have a hard time getting an interview. And if you did get an interview you will be caught out very quickly when it comes to face to face questions.

Before it even gets to that embarrassing stage you want to ensure your CV clearly represents a good understanding of what’s required of an employee, what the company does and how well they do it.

Research will build a better CV 

A generic CV will stand out a mile to any experienced manager, so it’s vital you don’t fall into this trap. Every CV should be written differently for each role, and tailored as such to ensure it targets the right audience. For more information on how to tailor your CV, please click here and scroll past the CV template.

Conducting some fantastic research not only builds up your knowledge of the business but also allows you to tailor your CV to the role and the company. A hiring manager wants to quickly see that you are the right person for the job, not just through your skills, experience and qualifications, but also by the style your CV has been written in.

Your CV clearly needs to show that you know what you’re talking about, and that you understand their business and what’s required of you within the role. Without this knowledge you are only capable of creating a generic CV which will not make a great first impression.

Research = great interview 

Undoubtedly someone who has done their homework will stand a much better chance of giving a successful interview. It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming the questions will focus on your skills and experience, but little to no knowledge of what the company does and what’s expected within the role is going to show.

Use this knowledge to your advantage and prepare some answers beforehand that clearly show you know what’s expected of you, and that you are in line with the vision of the business.

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