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This free one-page CV template in Microsoft Word is ideal for Solicitors or other types of lawyers looking for a clean layout that will catch the attention of prospective employers. The CV template uses the gorgeous Jenna Sue font, combined with crisp Open Sans Light, to present your information in an attractive format. The layout includes space for a photo and two quotes which might be from references or (with permission or anonymised) from clients. As the CV template is built in tables, it is fairly easy to expand onto a further page if a more extended CV layout is required.

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About this CV template:

The design of this CV template has a slightly informal feel - so it's great for private client, family or other client-facing roles where a friendly and approachable outlook are essential elements of the job. Be sure to install the fonts before you start editing - both are free, with links below. You'll also find instructions in the CV template for creating a rounded photo.

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Hello! I’m Joanne Bloggs | Solicitor

(01949) 123456

Personal statement

I am a competent Solicitor with 14 years of experience (5 years PQE) in Private Client Law. I advise across a variety of private client matters with a strong focus on trust and estate administration. I am a proficient probate practitioner with proven experience in higher value and complex matters. I am looking for a senior role with the opportunity to progress to partner.

“Jo provides outstanding service, over and above.”


Work experience

Solicitor, ABC Law, Lincoln : 2014 to date
Handling a busy caseload and exceeding challenging targets, drafting Wills, handling administration of estates and Lasting Powers of Attorney, drafting of trusts and inheritance tax planning. Aiding and representing a dynamic range of high net worth Private Clients.

Trainee Solicitor, XYZ Law, Lincoln : 2012 – 2014
Handling a complex caseload of work including Wills, Trusts, Probate and Court of Protection matters, Estates Administration and Tax Planning; and aiding and representing a range of Private Clients.

Paralegal, XYZ Law, Lincoln : 2011 – 2012
Assisting a Senior Partner with a caseload of work including Wills, Trusts, Probate and Court of Protection matters, Estates Administration and Tax Planning.

Paralegal, 123 Law, Lincoln : 2009 – 2011
Dealing with Wills, Planning and Trust administration, under the supervision of a Chartered Legal Executive.

Paralegal, 456 Law, Lincoln : 2004 – 2009
Handling Wills and probate, trusts, administration of estates, LPAs, tax planning and some COP matters under the supervision of a Senior Partner.


Legal Practice Course (PgDip) (Merit)
Nottingham Trent University
2011 – 2012

Level 3 & 6 Diploma in Legal Practice
CILEX Law School
2007 – 2010

Key skills

Able to demonstrate detailed knowledge and technical expertise in dealing with complex private client caseloads, including wills, probate, tax, and trust matters.

Strong team player with excellent communication and organisational skills.


Hiking, road cycling, going to the gym, snowboarding, running.


Tim Jones, Partner
ABC Law, Lincoln
(01234) 567890

Claire Jones, Partner
XYZ Law, Lincoln
(01234) 567891

“Joanne exceeds every target you set for her whilst delivering exceptional client care.”

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Solicitor CV template

Although this CV has been completed with example information for a solicitor or legal professional, it is equally suited to a whole host of roles and industries.

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Editing the photo:

The image in this CV template is used under licence and must not be reproduced, except in connection with the use of this CV template for your own personal use (plus, it would be very odd if you used somebody else’s photo on your CV)!

To change the picture in the template (for example, to insert a headshot) simply right click and choose ‘Change Picture’.

If you need to know how to make your own circle photo for your CV, see ‘8 easy ways to customise your CV template in Word 2010‘  (scroll down to tip 8 – Insert a rounded CV photo)

Saving and printing:

To ensure that the pictures in this template look great when you save/print, we recommend:

  2. Save the template from Adobe Acrobat as a PDF, or whilst in Word, choose PRINT and then choose ‘PDF’ as the printer.

3 mistakes you should never make on a solicitor CV

If you want to stand any chance of making it to the interview stage your solicitor CV has to be completely free of mistakes. The quality of the CV in today’s competitive job market is at an all time high; with employers not just looking for the right skills and qualifications, but also an outstanding and error free CV.

You only need to make one of the following mistakes to risk not getting a call back, so to ensure you make the cut here are the three mistakes you should never make on your CV…

1. Spelling and grammatical errors

So let’s start with probably the most annoying error from the employer’s perspective, and also the most common. Making a simple spelling error is quite easy to do, and when we rely so much on our word processing software it’s understandable why it happens from time to time.

After completing your CV you should always go over it numerous times to ensure there are no errors. Grammatical errors may be a little trickier to spot, so it’s a good idea to ask someone else to look over it for you.

Always have your CV proofread by someone else rather than trust your own judgement, as they can not only check for small errors but also provide you with valuable feedback on the overall content of your CV, presentation, layout, choice of font, and anything else they can help you with.

Try to find someone who has extensive experience in reading CVs, hiring and conducting interviews. Someone with this kind of knowledge will always be able to offer constructive feedback which could tip the odds in your favour.

2. Writing a generic CV

Most people apply for more than one job at a time to give themselves a better chance of gaining an interview. Naturally it would make sense to send the same CV off each time wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately not, and if you send the same generic CV off to numerous different employers you are very likely not to hear anything from them. But why is that, and what’s wrong with a generic CV?

There are two main reasons why using the same CV will hinder your chances. Firstly, the hiring manager wants to be able to quickly skim through each CV and identify the right skills and qualifications. With so many to read through they just don’t have the time to read every single word, and prefer to narrow the search down quickly to read in more depth at a later time.

Although you may be applying for the same job title to different companies, there will still always be differences in what they expect and you can see this from the job advert. Of course there will be similarities, but that doesn’t mean to say that the same CV will work for every employer.

You also need to customise to the area of law that you’re applying for, detailing any specific experience for this area.

Secondly, the employer wants to see that you are passionate and determined to get the job, and a generic CV just can’t get you that reaction. Compare your CV to others that have specifically tailored their application with the job and the company in mind, ensuring they’ve covered every single skill and qualifications, used the same keywords as the advert, and written a CV that’s in line with the culture of the company. This candidate has clearly done their research – and it will show!

3. Writing your life story 

A standard CV should only be two pages long. One page is of course too short and would essentially be classed as a résumé, whilst three pages could send the reader to sleep. There are a few exceptions to this rule with certain professions needing the extra space, but for most just the two pages is more than enough.

If you’re struggling to keep everything to two pages it will mean you are trying to put down too much irrelevant information. Not only should your CV be tailored to the role, it should also only provide relevant information. This doesn’t mean to say you remove almost all of your work history if it doesn’t match the role, but instead you should always look to keep irrelevant information down to a minimum.

You don’t have to list every single job you’ve had since you were 17 if you’re now 45. With such an extensive amount of work history some of your early roles may not even need to be included if they are irrelevant. You also don’t have to list every single tasks and responsibility if it isn’t of any help to the employer, and only look to list the most important tasks.

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