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This is a lovely professional CV template that splits into two columns after your details and intro. The unique squares design adds attractive detail to the headings, whilst keeping the focus on your details. The CV template is very easy to expand onto the second page if more space is needed for your information.

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About this CV template:

Currently one page, it's easy to add additional pages just by typing in more detail - the CV will expand downwards onto the next page. If you've got a lot more to include in the work history section, you could expand onto the second column with the heading 'Work History (cont...) and rearrange the other sections over two columns in the remaining space/on the next page.

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What a great design

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Simple, nice headings. My favourite of all your CV templates.

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Great design, looks super - thank you.

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CV advice: The pros and cons to having your CV proofread

Having your CV proofread by someone else would sound like a sensible thing to do, right? If you’re unsure of whether or not your CV really needs to be checked before you apply, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are lots of reasons why having your CV checked over will increase your chances of success, but there are times when it could be the worst decision you’ve ever made.

To help you decide what to do, here are the pros and cons to having your CV proofread:

CV proofreading pros 

Spelling and grammatical errors 

Even if you’ve clicked the spell checking button in Microsoft Word, you could still have a few errors that haven’t been picked up. This can sometimes happen when you accidentally type a word that isn’t actually spelt incorrectly, so it isn’t picked up by your word processing spell checker.

In any case, they are not always going to be 100% accurate, and having someone read your CV with a keen eye is great to have that final check before you send it out.

Formatting and presentation 

The overall look of your CV and how you’ve structured each section is going to have a huge impact on your chances of getting through to the interview stage. Asking someone else for their opinion on the presentation of your CV is a great way to ensure it passes the ‘easy on the eye’ test.

Maybe you’ve used too much or too little colour, or maybe you’ve missed out an important section or made an error with your contact details – any advice on how your CV looks will give you some reassurance before you send it off.

Expert advice 

If you are fortunate enough to be able to find someone who has a lot of experience with reading CVs, hiring and firing, interviews and so on – then you are in a great position to take advantage of their knowledge and expertise. With their expert advice, you should be able to make a few adjustments to your CV and ensure your chances of success have been greatly increased.

CV proofreading cons 

Could make things worse 

Having someone else proofread your CV and offer advice can sometimes backfire – if you pick the wrong person. Don’t just ask your best mate who has probably only ever written and read their own CV, as they just won’t have the skills to provide you with the right advice. Sure, they may be able to help you spot any minor mistakes, but when it comes down to finding out how well your CV sells your talents, you should always ask someone with managerial experience.

Makes you doubt yourself 

Having someone check over your CV can feel a little like you’re being tested and if the advice that’s being offered comes across a little strong and negative, you may decide the next step is to throw it in the bin.

In some cases it could be that your CV was really terrible in the first place, and does need a complete re-write. But that might not be the case, and any negative feedback could make you feel uneasy and unsure of your own abilities to write a great CV.

About Jen Wiss-Carline

Jen Wiss-Carline has been a Senior Manager and Consultant for several sizeable companies which included dealing with all aspects of staff management and recruitment. She is also a Chartered Legal Executive, and was admitted as a Fellow in February 2006.

Jen's qualifications include:
LL.B (Hons) (1st)
Chartered Legal Executive (FCILEx)
PG Cert Bus Admin
PgDip Law (LPC)
LL.M (Master of Laws) (Distinction)

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