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This smart two-page CV template features an unusual font choice - Arial Narrow - which ordinarily isn't so easy to read. However, throw in some extra spacing and this great little font looks absolutely fantastic, helping you present your information to prospective employers in a clear, legible format. Created with ATS software in mind, this CV template does not use any graphics, images, tables or columns - all the styling you see is applied at paragraph and font level, reducing the likelihood that an ATS system would struggle to parse your details. Through some smart use of Microsoft Word's features we've created a very attractive single-column template that is surprisingly machine-readable and yet looks fantastic once it lands in the hands of a HR Manager. Sample information for a Business Manager.

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About this CV template:

Not a picture or graphic in sight - all the features in this smart template are applied at font and paragraph level to avoid potential problems. You'll love the clean, fresh layout of this highly attractive CV template which uses a very neat font and lots of little details to make a great first impression.

* Every effort has been made to design this CV template according to best practice so that your information can be read by ATS software correctly. However, all Applicant Tracking Systems are different and no guarantees can be offered.

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Janet Langdale  | Business Manager

PG Cert Bus Admin

143, High Street, New Tupton S41 2DY |

01332 123456 | Twitter: janetlang | LinkedIn : janetlangdale19

Personal Statement

I am a competent business manager with 2 years of experience in a demanding role. I have proven myself highly capable at building relationships at all levels with internal and external customers, consistently meeting and exceeding my targets whilst driving quality standards and customer satisfaction. I am looking for a full time role with opportunities for future career progression.


Results driven |  Determination to set and achieve goals | Highly organised  | Highly IT literate  | Ability to plan, prioritise and organise work |  Full of initiative |  Great relationship builder  | Effective communicator |  Competent at training and mentoring | Able to convey ideas effectively

Work History

Business Team Manager

The Carson Group, Chesterfield: 2017 – date

I currently manage a team of 20, coordinating the delivery of services, assisting business development by generating leads and opportunities, and evaluating working practices to drive improvements.

Key achievements:

  • Exceeded annual team targets each year for past two years by min. 15%
  • Met or exceeded every personal target set for me
  • Every member of my team has met or exceeded their personal targets since I was appointed
  • Zero staff turnover since I was appointed
  • Brought 2 high-value clients to the business, each with a net annual value of £1m +

Assistant Manager

Riley Group, Chesterfield: 2014 – 2017

I took this part time position at the same time as studying for my business degree. Working in a busy entertainment venue, I co-managed a team of 17 support staff covering the restaurant, bar and general areas. Duties included drawing up rotas, training, implementing health & safety measures, stock control, and administrative duties.

Key achievements:

  • Writing & implementing new health & safety manual, conducting audits and rolling out measures.
  • Writing new staff training manuals & job descriptions, implementing monthly appraisals.
  • Launching various monthly events which increased turnover by 16%.


Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration (Merit)

OUBS: 2017 – 2019

This post graduate course taught me how to explore diverse perspectives and approaches in different organisational, cultural and global contexts. It increased my ability to work confidently across sectoral and national boundaries, and enhanced my ability to plan and implement change within an organisation.

BA (Honours) Business Management (Economics) (1st)

OUBS : 2014 – 2017

My degree focused on interdisciplinary perspectives on the management of business organisations and built on specialised knowledge and skills in economic theories and practices. It equipped me with the necessary skills to use and apply economic principles and theories to workplace and global environments and provided me with transferable management skills.

A Levels

New College Nottingham : 2012 – 2014

Business Studies (A), English (B), Maths (B), Physics (C)


Redhill Academy : 2007 – 2012

English (B), Maths (B), Physics (C), Chemistry (C), Biology (C), Geography (C), Electronics (C), Design and Technology (C), PE (C)


  • How To Know If An Investor Is Right – Or Wrong – For Your Business (Forbes, 2019)
  • Digging into key takeaways from our 2019 Robotics + AI Sessions event (TechCrunch, 2019)


  • CBI – member since 2019
  • BLCC – member since 2017

Hobbies and interests

I am a keen swimmer and outside of work, I compete in local swimming tournaments on a regular basis. I also love hiking and often holiday in Scotland to take advantage of the many stunning peaks! I jog and visit the gym regularly, and I frequently take part in half marathon events.


James Lowry, Manager, The Carson Group : 345, High Street, Chesterfield S1 234 / 01332 234567

Pepper Smith, Manager, Riley Group : 356, High Street, Chesterfield S41 245 / 01332 434566

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In summary, this is a lovely fresh ATS CV layout with a unique font choice and some superb style details. Every style element is applied at paragraph or font level without the need for tables or boxes, to reduce the likelihood of parsing issues.

Here is page two of this CV template:

Arial Narrow CV - page two

Disclaimer: There are lots of different ATS software packages on the market and therefore we cannot guarantee our ATS-friendly templates will pass through each system without issue. However, be assured that our team have created each of these templates with best design principles in mind, leaving out graphics and elements known to cause an issue with such software.

How to write a CV that will pass the ATS

It’s inevitable that a large company will receive a huge amount of job applications. With so many to read the resources required to do so would put a huge strain on the business. Imagine how many people would apply for a position at Google or Apple. How would it be possible to read every single CV or résumé?

The simple answer is – it wouldn’t be possible. And that’s why more and more large companies are implementing the use of an ATS. But what is this?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System which is a piece of software designed to filter job applications that can be used for both CVs and résumés. A set of search parameters will be entered into the software so it can attempt to identify the right candidates and narrow the search down immensely.

Writing a CV that will pass through the ATS filtering software and make it to the hiring manager’s desk is the key to gaining an interview. You could be a fantastic candidate, holding all the skills, experience and qualifications they require – but if you don’t write a CV that’s ATS friendly, nobody will ever even read it.

Here are some great tips to help you create a CV that will pass the ATS:

Add a ‘Key Skills’ section 

When reviewing the job advert you should take note of the important hard skills, also known as ‘key skills’. These are an essential part of the job description which means they will certainly be added to the ATS search criteria.

You need to ensure you list these specific skills, and a great way to present this on your CV is to have a ‘Key Skills’ section. Not only will this stand out on the page and make it far easier for the employer to see you have the essential skills, it will also help you to push through the ATS.

Extracting keywords from a job advert is a vital part of writing a CV that will get you noticed.

Create a sensible work history section 

It would be important to ensure the dates of your previous roles form an accurate timeline – not just for the ATS but also for the employer. Any inaccuracies could affect your chances of passing through the tracking system, but it could also raise concern if there are any employment gaps or discrepancies.

Always make your employment history easy to navigate. Include job titles and the month and year for the start and end date. It would also be recommended to avoid using any wacky job titles. Even though you may have been referred to as the ‘Customer Excellence Team Manager’, it would be far more appropriate to use ‘Customer Service’ instead.

If you have direct experience in the role you are now applying for but your CV states a slightly different job title, you should make a small adjustment so it matches exactly. As long as the role was the same, there is no reason to use a different title and create confusion with the ATS or the hiring manager.

Use a simple format for your ATS CV

“Most ATS systems prefer clean, plain formats without tables or pictures. The limits of technology mean these will frequently be overlooked by parsing software.”

~ The Guardian

We would advise avoiding the use of tables, text boxes or columns when attempting to pass your CV through an ATS. Some automatic systems are unable to detect the text if you use one of these, so avoid them at all costs.

No matter how great your CV may look when you add a text box or small graphic, it could confuse the tracking software and important parts of your application could be lost. If you want a CV template that will pass the ATS and also look great, choose one of our ATS-friendly CV templates.

Use the correct file format for your ATS CV

Finally, you need to ensure you send the correct file format. The company may indicate which formats are accepted – doc, docx, or pdf are the most common, but ATS software can struggle with PDF. If there is a specific request for a file format to be used or avoided, make sure you are aware of it.

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