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Our 'Triple Bar' CV template features a subtle but stylish design and sample information for a General Manager CV. Each section of the template - which uses the Garamond font - has a large grey heading (with your name in a slightly larger font size than the rest of the headings). We've then included three triple bars to the left of the sections to help emphasise each of the sections. The template is primarily aligned left, except for dates which are tabbed to the right. This CV template has three pages but as for all of our templates, you can delete sections you don't need, add in new ones and expand the sections that are there already, with very little effort.

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We've designed this CV template to be subtle yet sophisticated - with a little styling detail that doesn't detract from your key information. The grey and black colour scheme are perfect for those who don't have access to a colour printer or who want to keep the graphical elements of their CV to an absolute minimum. The Garamond font used is one of our favourite - it has a classic, 'old book', look to it, without being stuffy and old fashioned - and documents printed in Garamond always have an air of sophistication and professionalism.

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Laura Simms – General Manager

123 Peak House, High Street, Arnold Town NG5 2DY . 07984 123456 . . LinkedIn @laurasimms28


Experienced General Manager with 15 years’ experience within the hospitality sector.

  • Strong commercial acumen, with the ability to contribute to profitability increase.
  • Exceptional communication skills, with experience in leading small teams and building confidence and engagement.
  • Able to work well on own initiative, as well as working successfully as part of a team.
  • Focused on continuous development, both professionally and personally.
  • Looking for a new role that can offer a challenging and exciting environment.


General Manager 

BTT Fine Dining / Apr 2018 – Mar 2021

  • Responsible for leading team of 10 staff inc. waiters, waitresses & reception staff.
  • Training and discipling staff, as required and involved in performance reviews.
  • Leading the recruitment of staff for the restaurant, including advertising jobs, dealing with recruitment agencies, and interviewing.
  • Ensuring a high standard of customer service throughout the restaurant, with a focus on exceeding the expectations of customers.
  • Managing the budget for the restaurant, and reducing costs where necessary, without lowering quality standards.
  • Dealing with customer queries and complaints in a timely manner.

General Manager       

Burtons Hotel and Leisure / Jul 2010 – Apr 2018

  • Responsible for overseeing the management of the hotel and leisure complex, including staff management and best practice health & safety.
  • Building and maintaining successful relationships with clients and suppliers, including business development.
  • Assisting guests as required, including dealing with comments and complaints.
  • Ordering stock, including food and drink, and ensuring suppliers are maintained, while adhering to a set budget and saving money where possible.
  • Responsible for the full recruitment cycle, including screening CV’s and interviewing candidates.

Assistant General Manager  

Burtons Hotel and Leisure / Apr 2008 – Jul 2010

  • Responsible for the creation of staff schedules and ensuring all shifts are covered.
  • Supporting the General Manager as required, including ensuring company standards are maintained.
  • Acting as General Manager as required to cover holidays, sickness etc.
  • Assisting with interviews and supporting the General Manager with performance reviews.
  • Dealing with customer queries and complaints in a timely manner.
  • Supporting staff with any queries and maintaining a positive environment within the hotel and leisure complex.

Assistant General Manager                       

Sleep Well Hotel /  Jan 2007 – Feb 2008

  • Short term role covering for long term sickness.
  • Supporting the General Manager in the day to day running of the hotel.
  • Dealing with customer queries, and ensuring any complaints are handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Managing the staff rota, and ensuring cover was organised where required.
  • Determining area of improvement and initiating change.
  • Assisting in the interview process, from advertising vacancies to issuing offers of employment.
  • Supporting interviews with the General Manager, including providing recommendations.
  • Maintaining efficient administration process.

Senior Waiter   

The Innsider Bar and Restaurant / Dec 2005 – Jan 2007

  • Taking food and drink orders from customers, ensuring a high level of customer service.
  • Welcoming customers into the restaurant and showing them to their seats, as well as an overview of other facilities.
  • Building knowledge of the menu, ensuring customers receive explanations of food and drink, as requested.
  • Liaising with other restaurant staff as required.
  • Dealing with any minor disciplinary matters in a professional manner.
  • Upselling products to enhance the profitability of the bar and restaurant, including desserts, and hot drinks.
  • Assisting the Restaurant Manager with training manuals.
  • Dealing with the staff rota and arranging cover where necessary.


The Innsider Bar and Restaurant  /  Nov 2002 – Dec 2005

  • Checking books and welcoming customers into the restaurant.
  • Answering telephone calls and taking bookings.
  • Managing the bar and restaurant’s social media accounts, responding to queries, and taking bookings.
  • Serving customers with their food and drink orders, and upselling products where possible.
  • Ensuring a professional service and checking customers are satisfied with their meals throughout their visit.


Temporary Appointments  / Feb 2000 – Nov 2002

  • Working in a range of restaurants and bars, providing temporary waiter cover as required.
  • Answering calls and taking bookings.
  • Providing a high quality and professional service to customers, dealing with any queries or complaints as they arise.
  • Serving customers with their orders, and upselling desserts and hot drinks.
  • Working with other departments, and building relationships throughout the company, as well as with external companies, such as suppliers. Key responsibilities and achievements.

Professional Qualifications & Education

HND Hospitality Management

Central Perk College                                                    2005 – 2007

Courses included: Accommodation Management, Advanced Food and Beverage Service, Hospitality Management Accounting.


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Triple bar styling

We’ve designed this CV template with professional positions in mind. However, it will easily adapt to just about any job role. It’s also super easy to expand, delete and modify to meet your exact requirements, like most of our templates.

Here are some tips for getting the best out of your free General Manager CV template download:

1. Keep it to the point

Employers spend an average of around 10-20 seconds filtering through applications. So you need to make sure they can easily skim yours for the key information they’re looking for. Lengthy and wordy CVs will fail this test and find their way into the bin – 5 ways to ensure your CV doesn’t end up in the bin.

Keep everything to the point, and try to keep as much information as relevant as possible. The employer is mainly interested in seeing what skills and experience you have to offer them. If you decide to give them your entire career history, the good parts will sink into the background.

2. Personalise it to the management role

People used to send out the same CV in bulk to every job opening going. Perhaps in the past that might have worked, but not any more. Unfortunately there are so many candidates for each position now, employers have gotten really picky. They know exactly what they’re looking for and you need to make sure your CV clearly shows you have the experience, qualifications and skills they’ve asked for specifically.

If the job advert is a little brief, try reviewing some job descriptions to get a good idea of the skills and experience that recruiters are looking for. See the National Careers Service managerial section for a range of different manager profiles.

3. Write a personal statement

Your personal statement or objective is a great chance to catch recruiters’ attention in those 10-20 precious seconds. Sadly, most people waste it with cliché words or statements such as ‘team player’ or ‘hard worker’. Trust us when we say this is NOT what a recruiter wants to read. Instead, keep your summary factual, relevant to the job advert and to the point.

Find out more about writing your personal statement or profile here.

4. Keep your management CV up to date

You’d be surprised how many people leave off their current job role or send out CVs with old contact information on. Make sure everything on your CV is completely up to date before it goes out. The same goes for the contact information of your references. Get in touch to check their current job title and company address – email and contact number also.

One of the best ways to ensure your manager CV remains up to date is to make a note when something significant happens. It’s easy to forget how important your CV is when you are in full time employment. But if and when the time comes to move on to new pastures, you may have a few skills to add.

When anything important happens at work you should make a note of it. This could be anything ranging from promotion to moving department. Learning a new skill or gaining a qualification again should be noted. If you are able to keep track of everything it will be much easier to add to your CV at a later date.

5. Show a passion for your industry

If you’re a member of a professional body that represents and supports managers (such as the CMI), include this on your CV. This indicates to employers that you are interested both in your professional development and in management standards in general.

If your LinkedIn and/or Twitter profile show that you’re following industry trends and contributing to the community, add your handles to your CV. Your LinkedIn profile is also a great way to offer prospective employers further detail and showcase your recommendations, in support of your CV. Find out how to build a killer LinkedIn profile here.

NB : This CV template was originally published 15th October 2016 and it has been completely updated for 2021.

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