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Classic green résumé template (alternative)

An alternative version of our classic green résumé template using traditional Times New Roman, with a soft green border and large bolder green headings. Times New Roman is often knocked down when it comes to résumé and CV templates, but it shouldn't be overlooked. Combined with a little colour and styling, this classic font can still hold its own and help you produce an elegant looking CV that will stand out from the rest. However, if you're not a fan of Times, just choose Select > Select All in Microsoft Word and you can switch the whole CV to an alternative font - Georgia, Garamond or Tahoma are all popular alternatives.

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  • Fonts: Times New Roman
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About this CV template:

This résumé template has a simple, very classic appearance with attractive green highlights and a traditional font. The information is laid out very clearly in well organised sub headings, split up with matching green lines and capitalised titles. You can edit the sections to meet your needs, adding in further sections such as 'Hobbies and Interests' if you choose. This résumé template is perfect for applying for a whole host of professional positions from business and accounting through to nursing, pharmaceutical and creative. You can also change out the colour easily if you prefer a different shade of green or something else to match your own personal taste.

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Basic, fair template.

4 quick ways to spruce up your job application

Are you struggling to make your CV stand out from a very large pile? Here are four simple things you can do to get noticed:

  • Use better paper: It sounds like such a simple thing but using high quality paper demonstrates that you really care about the role you’re applying for. Cheap, scrappy paper gives the opposite impression.
  • Use a good printer: Our CV templates look so much better if they are printed using a quality printer and again, this shows the recruiter that you care about the role. Low quality printing looks careless and suggests you can’t be bothered.
  • Tailor your CV: Recruiters look through hundreds of CVs each week, so it’s really easy to spot if someone sent a generic CV without giving much thought to the role. Read the job description carefully and ensure that both your CV and covering letter are perfectly tailored to the job requirements.
  • Explain differences: So a recruiter is looking for a candidate with a 2:1 degree and you have a 2:2 – sending your CV in with no explanation is a sure fire way to guarantee it will find the rubbish bin. If you don’t meet the job specification, tell the recruiter in your covering letter WHY they should still consider you. For example, you might not have the exact qualifications but you might make up for this with your experience or awards you have achieved. Don’t assume that the recruiter will see this from your CV – they will spend just a few seconds filtering through the pile and the only thing they’ll spot in those few seconds is that you haven’t got the qualification they’re looking for. Give them a reason not to reject you.

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