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This super-slick CV template uses a cog motif and a splash of orange to create a Operations Manager theme, although it would work very well for most business roles. Starting with a bold black page border, the template uses vertical headers and carefully thought out spacing to create a highly professional layout. Intermingled with your key information, you'll find space for 3 quotes from your referees - and a dedicated section to highlight your best achievements. As with all of our templates, you can easily lengthen, shorten, add or remove sections to meet your own needs.

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Our Operations Manager CV template uses the Open Sans font family from Google fonts. Visit the link below, click 'Select this font' (top right in red). then click the black rectangle that appears and click the red download arrow on the right hand side. You'll need Open Sans (regular). Open Sans Light and Open Sans Extra Bold as a minimum, but it's such a lovely crisp font you may want to install all of the options for yourself! If you have any difficulty printing this template, we suggest removing the border. Other suggestions for editing this template are below.

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JOE BLOGGS / Operations Manager

31, THE STREET, THE TOWN NG1 234 / JOEBLOGGS@AOL.COM / (07948) 111222

~ Carly O’Donnelly, CEO ABC Enterprises


I am a competent Operations Manager with the proven ability to lead, manage and mentor an operational team to successfully deliver against critical, internal and external Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements. I am highly competent at evaluating, developing and implementing processes and procedures to deliver an efficient and effective service in order to minimise operational, financial and reputational risk. I am also an effective communicator with excellent interpersonal, negotiating and influencing skills. I am looking for a new challenge in a mid-sized enterprise.

Work history

ABC Enterprises 2015 – 2019
As a hands on Operations Manager at this home delivery company, my role was to lead, motivate and develop a team of shop floor personnel to achieve their daily production and quality targets. I delivered sustainable process improvements, productivity gains and downtime reduction using lean manufacturing tools and techniques. Unfortunately I was made redundant early in the year.

ABC Leisure 2011 – 2015
My role at this dynamic Leisure Centre included driving and achieving centre financial targets and KPIs, covering customer service targets, occupancy targets, revenue targets, payroll costs and participation levels. I was required to ensure the delivery of enjoyable, cost-effective and safe activities, whilst establishing and maintaining excellent relationships with customers and potential customers. In addition, I ensured that all safe systems of work are adhered to.

RAB Enterprises 2009 – 2011
My role at this city theatre included ensure that all contracts, licenses and documentation required for the safe and effective operation of the centre were in place and adhered to consistently. I supported the preparation of annual service plans, financial plans and statistics, and had line management responsibilities for recruitment & induction; delivering training, appraisals, development and performance management of staff, as necessary.


Lincoln University, Lincoln 2007 – 2009

Lincoln College, Lincoln 2005 – 2007

Lincoln Comprehensive, Lincoln 2001 – 2005

~ Jerry Sadler, CEO, ABC Leisure


  • Passionate about customer service, with a drive to deliver customer service excellence.
  • Proven motivational and leadership skills, with a strong emphasis on coaching for development.
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to adjust style based on the situation.
  • Able to work under pressure and think on one’s feet when dealing with difficult situations.
  • Experience of Quality Management Processes.
  • Confident and outgoing.
  • Computer Literate.
  • Flexible with working hours.

~ Tom Kerry, CEO, RAB Enterprises


ABC Enterprises:

  • Exceeded the daily production and quality targets set for me from time-to-time by a minimum 10% threshold every single day.
  • Achieved cost savings totalling around £200k per year through the introduction of measures to make productivity gains and reduce downtime. using lean manufacturing techniques.

ABC Leisure:

  • Exceeded the centre financial targets set for me by a minimum 15% threshold every year.
  • Exceeded customer service targets by a minimum 25% threshold every year.
  • Achieved cost savings totalling around £96k per year through productivity gains.


  • Spending time with family
  • Climbing
  • Skiing
  • Cooking
  • Hiking
  • Mountain boarding
  • Trading on the stock market
  • Paragliding
  • Travelling
  • Visiting the gym
  • Theatre
  • Playing tennis
  • Watching ice hockey
  • Restoring vintage cars
  • Woodworking


Carly O’Donnelly, CEO
ABC Enterprises
123, The Street, The City
NG1 234
(01949) 123456

Jerry Sadler
ABC Leisure
456, The Street, The City
NG1 234
(0115) 9123456

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If you’re struggling to see where the tables are used within this template, we would suggest turning on the text boundaries feature in Microsoft Word  To do this, in Word 2010, go to FILE > OPTIONS > ADVANCED OPTIONS and under ‘SHOW DOCUMENT CONTENT’ select ‘SHOW TEXT BOUNDARIES’.

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Open Sans Light, Open Sans, Open Sans Extra Bold – https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Open+Sans

The pros and cons of using an Operations Manager CV template

Searching for a job and writing an Operations Manager CV can be a very difficult and stressful process. Using a CV template might seem like a great idea to save you a lot of time and worry, but is it the right thing to do?

There are hundreds to choose from on the internet, and with just a few clicks of your mouse you could be staring at the foundation of your CV. Before you decide which CV template to pick or if you should even pick one in the first place, here are the pros and cons of using a CV template…

Using a CV template – the pros 

1) They save a lot of time 

One of the most obvious reasons why you’d choose to use a CV template is the amount of time you’d save. Having to create your own template would take a long time – especially if you wanted it to look professional. Attempting to make your CV look as good as what’s already on the internet might also be a difficult task.

The only time you’d need to spend is the amount it took you to choose the right one for you. There are lots of CV templates to choose from, and some of them are created with a specific career in mind. Once you’ve decided on the right CV template for you, you can now move on to the more important matter of writing the content.

2) It’s less stressful 

The whole entire process of searching through the job listings and then writing a CV can be very stressful. Anything that can save time and alleviate some of that stress is a sure fire winner – so naturally this makes choosing a CV template the obvious choice.

3) There are career focused CV templates 

Some CV templates have been written with a specific job or career in mind. This could be perfect if you’re looking for every possible way of creating a CV that stands out and gets you noticed.

4) It’s expected by employers 

There is so much information online to help a job seeker write a CV that employers are now receiving and expecting a much higher quality of applications. Using a template is fast becoming the standard process of writing a CV, and with so many other candidates using a CV template it could be a risky decision not to use one too.

Using an Operations Manager CV template – the cons 

1) You might not make an appropriate choice 

Choosing a CV template may be a great idea, but accidentally selecting one that the employer doesn’t approve of could hinder your chances. Ultimately you have to trust your own judgement on the look and layout of a CV template, and if you make a bad decision you could struggle to get an interview.

Before you assume that you’ve chosen a professional looking CV template, make sure you are happy with the credibility of the website. Have you used the website before? Does the website look professional? Does the website have a lot of templates to offer?

If you’re happy that the site seems reputable and are clearly professional writers, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Look for reviews under each template and see what people are saying. However, you should still get a second opinion on the template you’ve chosen as it’s good to know that others agree it is the right fit for you.

2) A template is not a complete CV 

Using a CV template can sometimes trick you into thinking that most of the hard work has been done, but of course this is just a starting point. Although the layout and design of a CV template plays a huge part in impressing an employer, it won’t get you anywhere if the content isn’t up to scratch.

The CV template you’ve chosen may also not quite be the right fit for your skills and qualifications, so you should always make any small tweaks to ensure you don’t leave anything important out. You will often notice that a CV template already contains some fake details to better demonstrate how your CV could look, but make sure you completely remove everything and tailor your CV to the role.

Although your template has been set in stone, it doesn’t mean to say your details are. Always write a tailored CV for each and every role you apply for to make sure it stays relevant and fresh.

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