Latest free CV templates : Jan 21st 2019 – Jan 27th 2019

This week we’ve released some of our most beautiful CV template designs to date. We continue to upload CVs based on particular job roles but keep in mind that these templates can be adapted to just about any job role so don’t be put off by the titles.

There’s quite a few common tasks that we’re asked about so we also published a brand new editing guide here. You’ll find a link to the guide now on every single CV template page.

Click on the headings to view the individual templates.

27.01.2019 : Paralegal CV template

Free Paralegal CV template

A lovely fresh two-column template which uses the gorgeous Jenna Sue handwriting font to create a space for reference quotes. A curvy blue wave creates a splash of colour, while the Open Sans font keeps your information clear and easy to read.

26.01.2019 : Solicitor CV template

Free solicitor CV template

We’ve created a lovely original heading to grab your target employer’s attention – followed by a centred objective and a grid layout for the rest of your information. Lots of white space and subtle headings keep this template super-professional.

25.01.2019 : Sports themed CV template

Sports themed CV template

This absolutely stunning CV template has superb spacing which keep it crisp and professional, despite a few designer flourishes! A gorgeous font is the source of the sports icons, which can be adjusted to match your personal preferences.

24.01.2019 : Operations Manager CV template

Free Operations Manager CV template

A very slick CV template that would work really well for a business type role. This layout uses cog icons to give it a business theme, with columns and font spacing creating a really fresh look.

23.01.2019 : Product Manager CV template

Free product manager CV template

There are so many great features about this CV template that you’ll only fully appreciate when you open it up and use it! It has really smart vertical space for both contact info and social profiles, together with expanded text headings, neat columns and a generous skills section. The optional graphics add a little business touch to help your CV stand out.

22.01.2019 : Care Assistant CV template

Free Care Assistant CV template

A very smart CV template for a care assistant, nursing or similar type of role. The header sets the scene with the rest of the content achieving a simple, spacious look. Vertical text is used for the contact details for interest.

21.01.2019 : Food Services assistance CV template

Food services assistant free CV template

Last but most certainly not least, our food services themed CV template has a lot to offer. The top icon is taken from a font so you can customise it to suit the role you’re applying for. There’s a big focus on skills here, with columns used to divide up the information very effectively.

We hope you love the CV templates that we’ve released this week and as always, if we’ve helped you, please do give us a ‘Like’ on Facebook, a quick share or a review on the template pages. Thank you and good luck!

The pros and cons to choosing a free CV template

If you’re undecided about whether or not one of our free CV templates will benefit your career, then please read on. We have compiled a list of the pros and cons to using a CV template to help you decide.


Free: Our CV templates are completely free and require no signup, subscription or registration. Most things in life are not free, and when it comes to the internet you usually have to provide an email. Not with us! We don’t require any details from you, and all you have to do is click on the ‘download’ link underneath each CV template.

No stress and worry: Writing a CV is a very stressful process, and a lot of that comes down to how it will look. The presentation of a CV matters immensely, and every employer expects high quality. If you decide to go it alone and create your own CV template, the whole process can be very stressful. We would like to take that stress away and allow you to focus upon the content of your CV. Choosing from the many hundreds of designs our amazing team have created will allow you to get straight to the heart of what really matters – your skills and experience!

Time saver: It can take a of time creating a CV from scratch, and that’s why choosing a CV template is a great option. You can save a lot of hours by spending just a few minutes browsing through our fantastic selection of CV template.

Career focused: Some of our CV templates have been created for a specific role or industry. So if you’re in the hospitality or medical sector, you will find that we’ve created many CV templates specifically for you.


You can’t trust them all: Not every website you come across will have a great selection of CV templates to choose from. We pride ourselves in creating as many different templates as possible, whilst maintaining a high standard of quality. Not only that, but we also offer hundreds of articles offering CV writing help and advice. You may come across a website that is quite bare and isn’t as reputable as company’s like ourselves. Staying clear of these websites is recommended, because you may find that the CV template you choose doesn’t do you justice.

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