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If you're looking for a job in a cafe, fast food restaurant or coffee shop, this smart, clear CV template is the perfect choice. It starts off with a neat icon which you can change to suit the role you're going for (as it is created using a great font). You've then got space for an objective and skills, followed by the usual sections you'd expect on a good CV template, laid out in easy to edit columns. We've created this lovely template in tables so you can expand the sections if you need to - the design will simply push further down onto the second page, giving you the room you need.

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This fantastic CV template uses Open Sans, a lovely clear font that is easy to read - together with a brilliant icons font for the icon at the top. Your details are included at the bottom but you could very easily move them under your name if you prefer a more traditional CV layout.

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t: (0115) 9123123 e: / 123a, High Street, Arnold NG5 2DY

I am a confident, friendly Food Services Assistant who is both clean and presentable with experience within a catering environment. My past roles have included serving customers’ food, maintaining a clean environment, offering a friendly service, checking food temperatures and clearing away. I am looking for a full time food services role.


  • Friendly, approachable manner.
  • Proven ability to work effectively as part of a food-service team.
  • Proven ability to deliver fast and friendly customer experience in a food service environment.
  • Proven ability to achieve consistently high standards to meet customers’ expectations.
  • Clear and articulate.
  • Able to carry out instructions, paying close attention to detail.
  • Flexible on shifts.
  • Understanding of the need to deliver relevant added-value to customers to increase sales.
  • Understanding of the need to support profit protection through effective cost control.
  • Neat and clean personal appearance, non-smoker.


2017 – 2019 As a waiter for the Greyhound pub which has a substantial food lounge, I was responsible for taking orders, delivering food and drinks to customers, managing their expectations and making their visit a special one. This was a fast-paced role where I was required to manage my own section, work as part of a bigger team and think on my feet whilst maintaining high company standards.

2015 – 2017 Working as a waiter for Luigis, one of Arnold’s busiest and most popular restaurants, I was responsible for putting the guest at the centre of everything that I did. In carrying out my duties as a waiter, I was responsible for ensuring that all guests and visitors received a warm welcome and that their needs were not only met but exceeded through excellent communication and service delivery.


Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate
2015 This course, often referred to as the basic food hygiene certificate, covers best practice in regards to controlling food safety hazards, controlling temperatures, food storage, food preparation, personal hygiene and premises cleaning. It meets UK and EU legal requirements for food handlers.

2011 – 2015 English (B), Maths (B), Biology (B), Science (B), Art (A)
Graphic Design (B), History (B), Physics (B), Chemistry (B)


  • I play in a five-a-side football team on Saturdays in Arnold.
  • I volunteer at the local Country park every Sunday.
  • I go the gym and I enjoy running and hiking.


Julie Sanders, Landlady
Greyhound Pub, Arnold
(0115) 9123456

Gino Luigi, Owner
Luigis, Arnold
(0115) 9123457

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Here’s a full preview of page one of this CV for fast food jobs and similar roles:

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CV for fast food - template page two

This is a great CV example for someone looking to work in the food service industry, or any other customer service based role. It has sample content suitable for a fast food role such as McDonalds crew member. As for all of our CVs, this template can be used for just about any role.

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How to write a cover letter to accompany a CV for fast food roles

Attaching a cover letter to your CV is another great way of showing the hiring manager that you are passionate about the role, and may increase your chances of getting an interview.

Fast food worker roles are largely customer service focused. A customer service based role requires great communication and customer facing skills, as well as the ability to empathise and resolve complaints. As well as your CV, a cover letter is another great opportunity to demonstrate you have what it takes to exceed expectations in the customer service sector.

Here are a few awesome tips to show the employer that you have what it takes to provide exceptional customer service…

What are your best customer service qualities?

Before you write a cover letter you need to understand what your best qualities are and how they will benefit an employer in a customer service based role. The standard skills that would be required in this sector would be:

  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Helping difficult or angry customers
  • Being friendly
  • Organised
  • Working well under pressure
  • Resilience

However, check the job advert carefully and ensure you focus on any particular skills that the employer has requested. Learn more about how to tailor your CV to the role here.

You may also find it helpful to review this fast food worker job profile for inspiration.

Look back over your work experience and find instances when you had to use these skills, and provide examples both in your CV and cover letter. A cover letter should support the claims you’ve made in your CV and help the employer to see that you have the right qualities for the customer service role available.

What motivates you/why do you want the job?

Why do you want to work in a customer service based role, and why do you want to work for that specific company?

These are both important questions that an employer would want answering, and sometimes a CV can’t always address that directly. Your cover letter should do so, and why you love working in customer service and what attracted you to the role is a great opener.

Your cover letter needs to ooze passion for the role and dedication to helping customers. A great example of what could motivate you in this sector is your desire to help others, meet new people and provide a fantastic customer experience.

Whatever your motivation for working in this industry, make it clear to the employer and inject enthusiasm and friendliness into your cover letter.

What do you know about the company?

Writing a generic cover letter is a bad idea and it will stick out like a sore thumb. An employer can easily spot a generic letter when it isn’t specific enough to what they do and who their customers are.

Research the company to find out as much as you can about what product or service they offer, and who their customers are. In addition, what are the company’s goals and how do they communicate with their customers – is it by phone, email or face to face?

Try to align your cover letter with your work experience and explain how that experience will directly transfer over to the employer. Use examples and stay clear of making claims without actually providing evidence.

Check out our cover letters section for more guidance on writing a winning cover letter.

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