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Labels Free CV template in Microsoft Word

A neat CV template that allows you to convey lots of information in just a page or two. The template uses tables to layout the top section, together with sub titles and dates - making it easy to use and customise.

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  • CV ref: #161
  • File size: 19kb
  • File format: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • File name: Labels-CV-template.docx
  • Fonts: Open Sans, Open Sans Light, Wingdings
  • Price: Free download
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About this CV template:

This CV template uses Open Sans and Open Sans Light fonts - make sure you download and install these before you start.

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5 5 1

4 5 1
super cv template, very pleased that i found your website and found this template which is just what i needed and i was looking for.

4 5 1
Great CV template, thanks : )

This lovely CV template uses background shading to highlight your name, headings, sub headings and keywords that you can use to showcase your key skills.

There’s space at the top to include an ‘objective’ which should spell out to prospective employers who you are, what you have to offer (with specific reference to the job advert) and what you are looking for.

Underneath, there’s a line of keywords with a line at the top and bottom to make them stand out. These are a great place to showcase specific skills or achievements that you’d like the employer to know about, without them getting lost in your CV

There’s space on the template for your work history which can easily be extended, with the content simply pushing down to the next page. There’s also plenty of space for qualifications and you can add more detail, per the example, or cut the section down to bring your template onto one page.

The skills and hobbies sections use a Wingdings character as a smart bullet point, and lay out your skills / hobbies over two columns. Your skills are a great opportunity to show the employer that you meet aspects of the job specification which may not be obvious from your work history or qualifications; while your hobbies and interests give prospective employers a glimpse of your personality. Hobbies and interests can also demonstrate to an employer that you take an interest in your health (for example, ‘going to the gym’) and therefore are likely to have less sick days.

Finally, there’s space for two references, although if you’d rather not list your current employer until you receive a job offer, it’s acceptable to simply write ‘References available on request’. Remember that your references can be an opportunity to show off good contacts and impress a prospective employer.

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