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A neat CV template that allows you to convey lots of information in just a page or two. Sample information is included for a kitchen porter or kitchen assistant role.

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Andrew Jones – Kitchen Porter CV

123 High Street, Nottingham NG1 2DY – 0115 9123 456 –




I am a well presented, hard-working individual looking for a role as a kitchen porter to kick-start my career in the kitchen. I am a strong communicator and team player, making me ideally suited to this position. I am happy to start at the bottom and do whatever tasks are required of me, and I’m very flexible as to the hours I can work.


ASSISTANT : May 2019 – date

Mo’s Café, Arnold

I work as part of a busy team in this popular café on the high street. It is a very lively venue and gets especially busy on Market Days, Saturdays and Christmas, when fast service and good communication is the only way we can handle the demand.

My duties include:

  • Ensuring the front-of-house and kitchen is kept clean, tidy and safe.
  • Washing crockery and cleaning kitchen equipment.
  • Taking delivery of orders from suppliers,
  • Ensuring that health and safety standards are followed in all areas.
  • Other ad-hoc duties during busy periods including taking orders and waiting tables as and when required.

CLEANER (Voluntary) : January 2019 – April 2019

Hop Skip Jump, Arnold

I volunteered with this charity for 4 days a week while I was looking for a paid role. The charity supports children and young people with additional needs and disabilities. My duties included:

  • Cleaning all office areas, mini kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Cleaning and tidying the front desk and visitor areas.
  • Weekly deep cleans and daily surface cleans.

KITCHEN ASSISTANT (Work experience) : August 2018

The Lion, Arnold

I worked full-time for two weeks at this local pub for a work experience placement.

My duties included:

  • Basic food preparation.
  • Washing crockery and equipment.
  • Cleaning the kitchen, fridges and front-of-house.

This was a very busy pub, especially on the weekends, and great team work together with good people and communication sills were essential.


LEVEL 2 Food Safety & Hygiene for Catering (C&G accredited) : May 2019

VC College

Covering the latest food hygiene regulation and food safety standards.

BTEC Hospitality & Catering Principles (Professional Cookery – Food Preparation & Cooking) (L2) : June 2018             

Arnold Hill Academy

Covering principles of how to maintain, handle and clean knives, preparation, cooking and finishing of fish, meat, poultry and vegetable dishes, and principles of setting up and closing the kitchen.

GCSEs : June 2016

Arnold Hill Academy

9 GCSEs including English (B), Maths (B), Food Preparation and Nutrition (B), and Food Technology (B).


  • I have a very good knowledge of keeping the kitchen environment safe and hygienic acquired through work experience, my BTEC and my Level 2 Certificate.
  • I am a strong communicator having developed my skills in my current very busy role and also my hobby as a referee for a local sports team.
  • My BTEC course taught me a wide range of preparatory skills including fish, meat, vegetables, egg dishes, sauces, pulses, rice, noodles, bread and more. I used some of these skills during my work experience placement.


  • I visit the gym twice a week and enjoy staying fit and healthy.
  • I enjoy running and regularly take part in half marathons.
  • I referee for the local 11 – 16s football team most Sundays. This has helped me develop my confidence and build a very wide range of skills including teamwork, communication, decision-making, patience, staying calm under pressure and good attention to detail.


References are available from my current and past roles on request.

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NB: We originally published this design on 4th December 2018 and it has now been completely updated for 2020, with new sample content.

This lovely CV template uses background shading to highlight your name, headings, sub headings and keywords that you can use to showcase your key skills.

Underneath your contact details, there’s a line of keywords with a line at the top and bottom to make them stand out. These are a great place to showcase specific skills or achievements that you’d like the employer to know about, without them getting lost in your CV

There’s also space near the top to include an ‘objective’ or ‘personal statement’, which should spell out to prospective employers who you are, what you have to offer (with specific reference to the job advert) and what you are looking for.

The space on the template for your work history can easily be extended, with the content simply pushing down to the next page. There’s also plenty of space for qualifications and you can add more detail, per the example, or cut the section down to bring your template onto one page.

The skills and hobbies sections use a soft blue bullet point to match the other blue accents in the template. Your skills are a great opportunity to show the employer that you meet aspects of the job specification which may not be obvious from your work history or qualifications. For example, in our sample content, we’ve shown how certain soft skills that a typical employer will be looking for can be acquired through hobbies and interests. Hobbies and interests can also demonstrate to an employer that you take an interest in your health (for example, ‘going to the gym’) and therefore are likely to have less sick days.

Finally, there’s space for references, although if you’d rather not list your current employer until you receive a job offer, it’s acceptable to simply write ‘References available on request’. Remember that your references can be an opportunity to show off good contacts and impress a prospective employer.

The sample content in this CV template will be helpful for those writing a kitchen porter CV or a kitchen assistant CV.

How to write a kitchen porter CV:

Our sample CV will be very helpful to those looking to write a kitchen porter or kitchen assistant CV. Here are some tips for writing each section:

1) Contact details

Give your name, address, phone number and email address. Ensure your email address is professional (i.e. not

2) Personal statement

Set out briefly who you are and what you have to offer in relation to the job advert. The key to getting this section right is analysing the job ad, picking out what you think is most important to the employer, and spelling out that you meet this criteria (so far as you do).

Note that our sample kitchen porter CV has been written for someone who has no actual experience as a porter and the personal statement makes this clear. However, an employer would be left in no doubt from reading this CV that the candidate has the skills required for the job.

3) Work history

List your work history in reverse chronological order (most recent first). For each role, focus on the aspects of the job that are relevant to the role you’re applying for. Even if you have no directly relevant experience, you will always be able to find transferable skills in your previous roles that you can highlight.

Note that whilst this candidate’s CV looks reasonably impressive, they only actually have 6 months’ of paid experience and this isn’t as a kitchen porter. They’ve included voluntary work and a work experience placement to ‘bulk out’ their history, whilst emphasising relevant skills across all roles.

4) Qualifications

Our sample CV makes up for a lack of relevant experience by providing more detail about the content of qualifications. For example, they have mentioned that their BTEC course taught them a range of food preparation skills.

If you’re short of qualifications, you might want to look at ways to bolster this section online. For example, you can do a Level 2 or Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate with Virtual College and this is City & Guilds accredited.

5) Skills

It’s always optional to include a skills section on your CV but in our sample we have used this to effectively emphasise HOW the candidate has acquired and used some of the soft skills that the employer wants. Note that it’s no use simply claiming to have a soft skill – anybody can do that. You need to explain how you’ve developed and used that skill effectively for it to mean anything to a prospective employer.

On the other hand, if the advert requests particular hard skills (such as techniques/cuts or use of particular software/technology) these can be listed off without much further detail.

DO tailor your CV to each and every role so that it focuses heavily on the exact skills each employer is looking for.

If the job advert gives little detail about required skills, try looking up some job profiles – for example:

6) Hobbies

Although optional, don’t overlook the hobbies and interests section which is another valuable opportunity to show that you have the required skills for the job. Mention out-of-work activities that reinforce the desired soft skills or demonstrate a passion for the industry. Also mention any activities that show you keep yourself fit and healthy, as this can be a physically demanding job.

7) References

You don’t need to give your references just yet – the employer will ask for them if they’re ready to offer you a job. However, if you have impressive references, consider that these could bolster your profile in the eyes of a prospective employer.

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