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This smart CV template is designed with a hospitality role such as 'Hotel Manager' in mind. It is presented akin to a hotel menu card, with delightful scroll graphics and a smart easy-to-read font.

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Although designed with a 'hotel theme' in mind, this CV template isn't gimmicky - it has all the sections you'd expect for this type of role, laid out in an easy-to-read format with just a smattering of attractive graphics. NB: The graphics that appear in the header and footer of the template will look 'greyed out' when you edit the CV template, but you'll see that they print as normal and save to PDF as normal.

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I am an experienced Hotel Manager with knowledge of managing a large team within a 5 star quality driven operation. I have a strong food and beverage bias, coupled with exceptional all round capabilities, a proven background with managing change and strong communication skills. I am enthusiastic about driving standards and developing my team to deliver an exceptional guest experience. I am looking for a hotel management position within a luxury establishment.


Grand Plaza Hotel, Lincoln 2014-2019

  • Leading and manage multiple sites creating a synergy. Empowering and developing staff to be the best and deliver the best, making the most of resources and growing talent.
  • Driving commercial best practice, maximising on growth opportunities, exercising financial and revenue management.
  • Overseeing all business areas with an eye for detail. Ensuring brand standards were consistently delivered while utilising guest feedback to increase performance against KPIs.
  • Embracing accountability for delivering the site business plan, supporting and enabling the bigger picture.
  • Demonstrating full knowledge of health and safety compliance and managing all audit processes to a high standard.

Assistant Manager
Hotel Royale, Birmingham 2011-2014

  • Managing the day-to-day operations of the hotel by creating competent and motivated teams to deliver brand standards.
  • Liaising with vendors to ensure supplies and products are at optimum levels for day-to-day business.
  • Ownership of budget and P&L – driving cost efficiencies where possible without compromising guest experience or hotel upkeep, and driving exceptional business performance from a commercial and guest perspective based on KPIs.
  • Ensuring all health and safety processes and procedures were completed, delivering training on all processes and procedures to the team and ensuring all were rigorously followed.

Assistant Manager
Plush Rooms Ltd, London 2009-2012

  • Liaising with vendors to ensure supplies and products are at optimum levels.
  • Driving excellent pre-check in experience by answering guest queries through multiple platforms (text and calls) within allocated time frames.
  • Ensuring all team are confident and trained on collecting all payments, including cash and updated in the system to ensure accuracy of records for reconciliation.
  • Full accountability of team and rotas.
  • Conducting regular reviews of team performance, behaviours and output.
  • Defining a great working culture in the hotel.
  • Conducting daily audits of the rooms and the building to identify issues and action as soon as possible.
  • Maximising room availability and planning maintenance where needed.
  • Monitoring room rates to maximise RevPar and ensure prices are competitive.
  • Plan maintenance schedule based on the regular audits and guest complaints/feedback.


Degree in Hospitality Management (Upper Second Class Honours)
University of Lincoln, 2012

A Levels
English (A), Maths (B), Business Studies (B), Tourism (B)
University of Lincoln, 2009


Going to the gym, gardening, hiking, climbing, cycling off-road, marathons, World of Warcraft.


Annie Bloom, Owner
Grand Plaza Hotel
01924 123643

Gerry Butler, Owner
Hotel Royale, Birmingham
01877 123444

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This hotel manager CV example template has a very simple layout. The header and footer are utilised to hold the top and bottom scroll graphics, which means they repeat automatically if you need to add more pages.

The template is primarily centred, although some of the information is presented in columns or as bullet points. You’ll see that the job title and years worked is divided neatly across the page. This is achieved using a table which can easily be copied and pasted to create further sections.

If you’re struggling to see how this works, we suggest turning on text boundaries. To do this in Microsoft Word 2010 go to FILE > OPTIONS > ADVANCED OPTIONS. Under ‘SHOW DOCUMENT CONTENT’ select ‘SHOW TEXT BOUNDARIES’.

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You’ll see that a custom bullet point is defined for the lists to add further interest. You can change this quite easily. Right click anywhere on a list and choose BULLETS. From there you can define the style for your bullet points.

Each of the individual headers for this CV template uses a scroll motif in a similar style to those used in the header and footer. Finally, as a five star candidate, we’ve given you five stars underneath your name, adding more to the hotel theme.

Overall the idea behind this CV template was to create something reminiscent of a hotel promotion or menu card. To create a theme that attracts the eye without being gimmicky or unprofessional. We hope you love this hospitality CV template and wish you every success with finding your perfect job!

How to prepare for a job interview in hospitality

If you’re looking for a position in the hospitality industry you may find it quite difficult. It’s common practice for two interviews to be conducted, so the employer can ensure they have the very best.

The hospitality industry prides itself on perfection and excellent service. You will have to deliver to the highest standard in an interview if you want to stand any chance.

Preparation is the key to giving a successful interview. But what kind of planning is required?

Here’s how to prepare for a job interview in the hospitality industry…

Do your research

You need to know what makes the company tick. Who do they serve? Who are their customers? What will be your daily tasks and responsibilities?

If you want to really impress the employer in the interview, you need to conduct research. The employer will easily be able to recognise that you’ve done your homework, and that you care about the role.

Swot up on the latest trends in the market, the customer feedback, the turnover, the current market position, and so on. Read their social media websites and give yourself a better understanding to help answer any difficult interview questions.

Make sure you present professionally

You will be expected to look your best in the hospitality industry. You are the face of the company, so presentation is everything. From the shoes you wear, to the way you comb your hair – everything matters. The second you walk into the interview room you will be judged on your appearance. Even your greeting and handshake will be assessed to see how friendly and approachable you come across.

The employer also wants to rely on you through the worst of times. Dealing with clients on a daily basis means you will have your fair share of complaints. Having a professional appearance will provide a better platform in which to deal with a complaint and reach a resolution. How can you be taken seriously if you don’t dress accordingly?

Be your undercover boss

OK, so you’re not the boss just yet. But that doesn’t mean to say you can’t go undercover to find out how things function. Visiting the company will give you a better understanding of how things work on a daily basis.

Partake in the service and spend some good quality time there. Make a note of all the great things they do, so you can reflect on that during the interview. Also, take note of anything you see wrong with their business. However, don’t attack them during the interview and provoke a reaction. Instead, use these faults to offer ideas and suggestions on how you could help improve their service.

Join a professional organisation

Being a member of a professional organisation in your industry can help demonstrate that you really care about your career. It helps show potential employers that you’re dedicated to the hospitality industry and want to be more involved with it. It also shows a commitment to professionalism and standards. Some organisations you might consider include:

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