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George Smith | Waiter


Personal statement

I am an experienced Waiter committed to exceeding guests’ expectations and creating a memorable experience for them. My goal is to ensure that each person leaves with a massive smile on their face! I am competent in every aspect of customer service to ensure guest satisfaction, and my high level of tips and past awards are testament to that.

Work history


My responsibilities include:

  • Greeting and serving guests
  • Offering detailed information and recommendations on menus including dietary advice for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and nut-free diets
  • Effectively communicating with the kitchen staff to ensure all orders are accurate and on time
  • Various front-of-the-house duties and dealing with the bill

From October 2017 to date I have consistently generated the highest tips month-on-month amongst our team of 5 waiting staff as testament to my customer service skills.


My responsibilities included:

  • Greeting guests as they arrive and allocating them to a table
  • Handing out menus and taking drink and food orders
  • Serving drinks and food and handling bill payments
  • Ensuring all tables were clean and tidy

In the last 6 months I coordinated the team of 4 waiting staff, handling rotas, managing absences and dealing with non-standard customer queries and complaints.


My responsibilities included:

  • Greeting guests and showing them to their table, handing out menus
  • Serving food and drinks

I was awarded ‘Employee of the Month’ six times during my employment at Mo’s, which has 10 staff in total.



9 GCSEs Grade C and above including English Language (B) and Maths (C)


  • Good mental maths skills
  • Clear verbal communication
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • The ability to resolve complaints
  • Effective teamwork
  • Persistence and high energy
  • Good sales skills
  • Very well presented
  • Friendly and professional
  • Good memory and attention to detail


Being a waiter can be physically demanding so I like to keep fit and visit the gym regularly! I also love swimming and badminton. When I’m not working, I love travelling abroad and discovering great food and wine.


References will be made available for my current position and past positions.

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How to write a waiter CV

  • Check out some waiter job profiles before starting. These will help you understand the type of experience and skills the employer wants to see. For example:
  • Keep the job profiles in mind but ensure you tailor your CV to the specific job role you’re applying for. This means focusing on the skills and experience that the employer has asked for, first and foremost. Click here to find out more about tailoring your CV to the role.
  • Avoid simply claiming to have particular skills. Customer service is the #1 skill you need to demonstrate. How can you show prospective employers that you have this? Examples include that you’ve achieved good tips, acquired additional responsibilities or received awards/recognition at work.

The 6 essential skills for your waiter/waitress CV

With so many other applicants all applying for the same role, your CV has to stand out from the crowd. With such fierce competition, writing the perfect CV and offering all the required skills is a must. Here are the 6 essential skills for your waiter/waitress CV:

Customer service

Your overall customer service skills and experience need to shine through on your CV. This is probably the most important part as the employer needs to see evidence that you have the right skills to charm their customers and provide excellent customer service.

Processing transactions

An important daily task as a waiter/waitress would be to complete transactions via card or cash. An employer would want to see that you already have the relevant skills and know your way around the card reader or til.

Knowledge of food and drink

Your experience with food and drink needs to come through on your CV. Show the employer that you already have a good amount of knowledge when it comes to food and drinks preparation. Being able to answer questions and learn menus quickly will be an important part of the role.

Events and leadership

The employer may be looking for someone who has experience in organising events at bars or restaurants. Themed evenings, parties, and discos are all great examples to use on your CV. You may also have the skills and experience in leading and supervising these events. This would certainly impress an employer as they know they could rely on you to help with the organisation.

High level of communication

Communication will play a vital part in the role, and your confidence and ability to build up a rapport with the customers is paramount. Demonstrate this on your CV with lots of examples of outstanding customer excellence.

Handling complaints

Being on the front line as a waiter/waitress is not easy as you will have to deal with the complaints. Your ability to defuse and resolve a situation will factor heavily into the role. The employer wants to know they can trust you to resolve a complaint yourself, without having to be micro-managed at every step. Something can and will go wrong on a daily basis, and whilst some complaints are very minor and can be dealt with easily and quickly, some are not. In certain situations you may be faced with a very disgruntled customer, so demonstrate on your CV your ability to handle pressure situations.

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