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Curvaceous CV template

Our aptly-named Curvaceous CV template features gorgeous grey curvy boxes to hold your information. Shaded in a soft grey, they provide an elegant design touch without being too distracting. The grey is mirrored in the headers as well, giving an attractive and balanced overall appearance. Classic Garamond makes the perfect font for this template!

CV template details:

  • CV ref: #124
  • File size: 50kb
  • File format: .doc (Microsoft Word)
  • File name: Curvaceous-CV-template.doc
  • Fonts: Garamond
  • Price: Free download
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About this CV template:

Standing out from the crowd is one of the biggest issues faced by job hunters today. Your CV and covering letter are the only way you can do this before you've got a foot in the door with that all important interview - so choosing a CV template that catches the eye is important. At the same time, gimmicky designs with too many graphics and distracting colours can turn off prospective employers and result in your CV finding its way to the bin. Our Curvaceous CV template draws the perfect balance - giving you an eye catching design that is elegant, interesting but professional and not gimicky.

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Who is this CV template for?

This CV is great for entry level roles and those early in their career (with 2 – 3 past roles) where there is not a huge amount of information to present on the page. Because for most jobs it’s good practice to ensure your CV is no longer than 2 pages, you may struggle to use this CV template if you have a lot more information to include. We would instead recommend you use a template such as:

Or some other choice from our MS Word CV template collection which makes use of the full width of the page.

How do I customise the boxes on this CV template?

The curvy containers that hold your information are just text boxes and you can fully customise just about everything about them. View our YouTube video on adding a text box to your CV which also shows you how to format the box:

Customisations include:

  • You can move the boxes if you want to
  • You can change the colour of the border
  • You can choose whether you want the border to be solid, dotted or dashed.
  • You can change the background colour of the box if you want to
  • You can change the font and font size
  • You can make your text bold, italic, etc

Text boxes are a really great way to add stylish detail to your CV template. You’ll see from the video that there are plenty of stylish designs to choose from, in addition to the one we’ve used to create this CV template.

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