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Building on our previous lovely example CV template, the Featured Boxes CV template makes more extensive use of text boxes to showcase key achievements. In addition, we've included drop caps and some subtle styling to draw attention to your CV.

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  • MS Word Featured boxes CV template (free download) Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 13 reviews.

About this CV template:

Drawing attention to your CV for all the right reasons is the key to catching recruiters' attention. In this smart CV template, we've used a combination of subtle styling details, colour and a solid layout to ensure your information catches the eye of your prospective employer. Use the CV as-is or customise it to meet your needs and requirements - like all of our CV templates, it's really easy to edit.

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5 5 1
Lovely CV template, just as good as all the paid ones online. Love the feature boxes.

5 5 1
I just wanted to let you know I used this template to make my CV two weeks ago. I applied for 4 jobs and I have got interviews for every one. I am so pleased. Thank you very much.

4 5 1
I found the boxes a little tricky so it took me quite a wile to get my CV looking right but the end result is grate.

Template details:

This is a great CV template to catch the employer’s eye and make a positive first impression. So what else can you do to make it your own? Our templates are completely customisable to allow the job seeker the freedom to amend to suit their needs. Here are our suggestions:

Add a border

Wouldn’t this CV template look amazing with a border all the way around each of the pages? Try changing the colour of the border from black to soft grey for an attractive contrast. Click here to watch our video showing you how.

Change the blue

You can change the blue to a different colour if you like. Watch this video to show you how to change the fancy text boxes to a different colour (and manipulate other parts of the text box such as the border).

Add a picture

You could insert a picture above your details – but a better layout would be to align your details to the left and add your picture to the right. Watch our video showing you how to do this.

Wondering whether it’s a good idea to include a photo on your CV? Will this increase or decrease your chances of getting an interview? Read our article “Should I include a CV photo?” which looks at all the pros and cons of doing so, to help you decide.

Customise to the job

Remember, every CV and covering letter you send out should be customised to address what’s requested in the job specification. Having just one CV which you use to apply to any job will fail to make a good impression.

A well tailored CV which focuses upon exactly what the employer wants will have a far greater chance of success. Try to match the keywords from the job advert and use industry jargon. The hiring manager wants to see the right skills and experience, so don’t make it hard work for them.

The hiring manager may only spend about 20 seconds reading your CV, so make every second count. Don’t hide all the relevant information within a generic CV. Instead, bring out everything that would be important to the role. This would especially be important for your work experience section.

Do you really need to list all the tasks and responsibilities for every job you’ve ever had? Instead, you could consider simply stating just a job title and brief description for irrelevant roles. Focus upon the work experience which clearly demonstrates the skills the new employer is after.

A cover letter is also a great addition to accompany your CV. It shows the employer that you really care about the role and are keen to let them know. A cover letter will give you a chance to further backup your credentials. Explain why you applied and what attracted you to the role. Then go into further detail as to what you have to offer the company. Try to cover your own unique skills and experience.

Need help writing your cover letter? Here’s a cover letter guide and examples.

Now you’ve got your perfect CV template set up, why not look at some job vacancies and start applying for your dream job?

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