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This simple CV template uses the classic Garamond font and an attractive soft-blue border to help your application stand out from the pile. Dark blue headings divide up your content which is presented in a logical, ATS-friendly way. There are no graphics, lines, tables or text boxes to confuse ATS software, should your prospective employer scan your CV as part of their application process. The social media icons are included using a font, allowing you to add this small style detail to page two of your CV without worrying about the effect on an ATS programme.

CV template details:

  • CV ref: #204
  • File size: 20kb
  • File format: .docx (Microsoft Word format)
  • File name: Cornered-CV-Template.docx
  • Fonts required: Garamond, Social Media Circled
  • Price: Free download
  • 'Cornered' free professional CV template to download Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

About this CV template:

Fresh, smart and fuss-free, this attractive template is a great choice for a whole host of roles. It has been designed with simplicity in mind, so adding and editing sections is very easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word. Achievements are highlighted using font shading, while sub sections using basic styling to help make the text easy to scan through.

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5 5 1
Lovely, very simple. Love that it is for ATs as well, lots of boring CV templates out there but not many nice ones for ATS.

5 5 1
Great stuff, really nice layout, not too complicated but does the job

5 5 1
GREAT! Lovely easy CV template

This free professional ATS-friendly CV template has a super simple design and is easy to edit in Microsoft Word. Adding or editing sections is no problem, making it perfect for just about any role.

Here’s page two of the template:

Cornered CV template - page two

Fonts required:

Disclaimer: There are many ATS packages around – we therefore cannot guarantee (nor can any other website) that our ATS-friendly CV templates will run through every one without issue. However, be assured that we have lovingly designed this CV template with best ATS design principles in mind.

CV advice: the easiest way to get work experience for your CV

If you’re a recent school leaver you may be worried about how you’re going to get a full time job with little to no work experience. Although most employers expect a school leaver to have quite a bare work history, it would still always be more favourable if some kind of experience was present on your CV.

For entry level positions an employer would be inundated with applications from ex-students who are now looking for employment. When faced with so many other applicants you will need to try and prove to the employer that you already have some experience in a working environment.

Here’s the easiest way to get work experience for your CV:

Voluntary work

You’ll see in this CV template that the candidate has a voluntary position which he took almost immediately after completing his A levels.

Some people assume voluntary work is for retired people who are looking to fill their time and help out a good cause. In some cases this may be true, but you’d also be very surprised at how many different types of people volunteer for a local charity or country park.

Voluntary work should not be dismissed as a waste of time just because you don’t get paid. Instead, view this as an opportunity to not only add valuable work experience to your CV, but also a chance to develop your soft skills.

There are two possible paths you can take when leaving school and searching for a full time position. You can either apply with a CV that has a very bare work experience section – maybe even none. Or, you can take up a voluntary role and instantly create a list of skills, tasks and responsibilities for your CV. The advantage is clear from this candidate’s work history: he has no employment gaps and he has added valuable work experience, thanks to taking up a voluntary position.

There are so many soft skills you can learn and develop from a voluntary position. Here are some of the main skills:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Organisation
  • Work ethic

These soft skills will become an important tool to use on your CV when looking for that first job. An employer will instantly be able to see that you have already begun to build up these skills and have some experience already in a working environment. See our article ‘Volunteering for work experience‘ for more information.

Although in the example CV the candidate has not made much of his voluntary experience, a school leaver with very little experience can provide far more detail about the skills they gained volunteering. See our School Leaver’s CV for more details and examples.

Part time work

Part time roles are often easier to find and can be a great way to keep busy and earn money whilst searching for a full time position. This may be a more popular route than voluntary work because of the pay and the chance to work in a similar industry to your chosen career path.

In our example CV, you’ll see the candidate’s first job was for just 18 hours a week. However, he includes it anyway as it demonstrates the valuable skills he has built in his first position.

Even working in a coffee shop will reap many rewards, and not only will you be getting paid for your efforts, you will also be building up some valuable work experience for your CV. So don’t turn your nose up at something which may seem below your career goal, and get working as quickly as possible to build up that valuable work experience.

Ideally you want to try and get a part time job in a similar industry to where you would like to work full time. If retail is of interest to you, applying for weekend jobs at Christmas or during busy seasonal periods will often yield success.

The interaction you have on a daily basis with customers and co-workers will give you a great platform with which to build upon when searching for a full time position. Part time roles can also create other opportunities and it may be possible to land a more permanent position within the same company.

About Jen Wiss-Carline

Jen Wiss-Carline has been a Senior Manager and Consultant for several sizeable companies which included dealing with all aspects of staff management and recruitment. She is also a Chartered Legal Executive, and was admitted as a Fellow in February 2006.

Jen's qualifications include:
LL.B (Hons) (1st)
Chartered Legal Executive (FCILEx)
PG Cert Bus Admin
PgDip Law (LPC)
LL.M (Master of Laws) (Distinction)

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