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A clean, fresh CV template using the Garamond font, with sample information for a secretary. This smart design keeps the focus on your info while adding some very subtle style elements. The slightly larger title makes your name stand out from the pile, while the grey line and bolded headings helps keep everything neat and organised. The CV template actually uses a table so if you need to, you can add further rows to any section - or simply delete to suit your needs. You can also add your own sections, change the font if you'd rather not use Garamond and even add a splash of colour if you want to. This CV template is super adaptable and perfect for a whole range of different job roles.

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Our 'Divided' Secretary CV sample is a fresh, clean CV template that splits the headings from your key information with a subtle grey line. We're really proud of this design as it offers so much versatility and strikes a really good balance between minimal and creative. There's certainly no graphical elements bar the grey line, but there's enough to ensure your CV really stands out from the huge pile that your would-be employer will have to wade through.

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James Smith | Secretary

123, The Street, Nottingham NG1 234
(01923) 123456 |

Personal statement

I am a competent secretary with 4 years’ experience and strong administration skills. I am highly computer literate, having excellent proficiency in Microsoft Office applications. I can also use of Sage 50 and Act! to a good standard. I have previously worked both independently and as part of a team, and in my past roles I have developed good organisational skills with excellent attention to detail. Both my roles and hobbies have also helped me build strong communication skills both written and verbal. I have a professional and confident telephone manner, and a positive and flexible outlook.

Work history

Feb 2018 – date

Secretary | ABC Recycling Solutions, Nottingham

Working independently, I was responsible for a range of tasks including:

  • Answering the phone and handling enquiries
  • Responding to email enquiries from customers and suppliers
  • Day-to-day bookkeeping and helping the accounts team with matching invoices/dispatch notes
  • Using Act! to add and update notes & customers
  • Chasing debts through the phone and post
  • General filing
  • Providing ad hoc assistance to the management and sales office team with events, travel etc.

I was awarded ‘Employee of the Month’ on three occasions and won the monthly best ideas prize four times.

Jan 2015 – Jan 2018

Team Secretary | Glades Corporation, Nottingham

Working in a busy team of 10 support staff, I had a wide range of responsibilities including:

  • Preparing and issuing invoices, managing purchase orders
  • Managing the diaries for the management team (12)
  • Organising meetings and conference calls
  • Covering reception as and when needed
  • Typing and formatting lengthy documents (contracts, reports)
  • Producing letters, minutes, presentations, valuations etc
  • Arranging travel and hotels
  • Maintaining annual leave records and processing requests
  • Filing and archiving
  • Assisting with the organisation of events

During my time at Glades I introduced a new filing system which made it far easier to locate records and saved each of the 10 support team members around 15 mins a day.


1991 – 1993

3 A levels in Maths (B), English (D) and Science (A)

Trent College

1987 – 1991

9 GCSEs, all grade C and above

Acme Secondary School


MS Office : Proficient in Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel
Accounts : Proficient in Sage and !Act
Typing speed : 40wpm oral, 45wpm copy


Climbing, Walking, Cycling, Playing guitar


Bob Lee
0115 9123456 –
ABC Recycling Solutions, Nottingham

John Smith
0115 9456789 –
Glades Corporation, Nottingham

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Make this secretary CV sample your own:

There are lots of ways to customise this secretary CV sample – most importantly, you can use it for just about any role!

  • Change the font – there’s no need to stick with Garamond! Wondering which to choose? Read our guide: What is the best résumé font or best CV font to use?
  • Add some colour – on this CV template you could change the colour of the dividing line, change the colour of the headings and change the colour of your name. Don’t go overboard – choose one subtle colour that’s easy to read!
  • Add your own sections – the sections we’ve included are the most common but it’s easy to add more. The template was built using a table so you just need to add additional rows to suit your needs. For example, you might have professional memberships or publications that you’ve written and want to include.
  • Include your social media profiles – if they reflect well on you! A link to your Twitter or LinkedIn profile will allow employers to see if you’ve stayed on top of industry news in your area of expertise!
  • Customise the bullet points – these help break up your information into manageable chunks, but there’s no need to stick with a plain circle! Here’s how to get fancy with bullet points in Word.

Don’t like this CV template? We have hundreds more to choose from! Check out our full CV template collection.

Happy job hunting!

Why voluntary work can be important for your secretary CV

If you have a CV showing many years of work experience, then voluntary work will still have a small positive effect on your chances of gaining an interview.

However, for school leavers or those with little relevant experience, voluntary work can be an essential part of their core work experience. Job seekers struggling to fill the experience section may find voluntary work to be the only thing to rely on to demonstrate the required key skills.

Show you don’t mind ‘grafting’ 

When you give up your time to work for free to help an organisation, charity or local country park – whether doing secretarial / administrative tasks or something entirely different – you are instantly showing the employer that you’re not afraid of hard work. When a hiring manager reads a CV they may find it difficult to get an impression of your work stamina, and this is where voluntary work experience comes into its own.

Show you’re not afraid of ‘overtime’ 

Following on from the hard working point above, it also shows the employer that you’re not afraid to put in the hours, including overtime. Depending on the role, most companies offer overtime and/or expect it from some employers.

Obviously this will be explained to you during the interview – however, you are already one step ahead by showing the employer on your CV that you are giving up your time for free. Overtime isn’t always paid, and whether it is or it isn’t, you are clearly someone who is happy to work extra hours when the company needs it.

Show initiative 

For a school leaver, taking on voluntary work shows a great deal of initiative to an employer. It could have been far easier to just sit at home looking for work, but instead you decided to get off your bottom and get stuck in during this period of search.

You may also have been carrying out voluntary work during the weekend whilst you studied in the week, which really does show a hard working individual.

Give yourself much-needed work experience

It is possible to have a part time job whilst studying at college or university, so this would of course be great work experience for your CV – and for you of course! Part time work and voluntary work are both great ways of gaining experience for your CV and will impress any employer who is fully aware of the fact that you’ve only recently left education.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and assuming your first crack at a job interview is for a lower level position or apprenticeship, you are going to be up against lots of other school leavers who may not have the work experience you already have.

Help to keep your CV looking busy 

As a school leaver you would obviously be struggling a little to complete a two page CV given your lack of work experience. Voluntary work is a great way to fill out your CV, and something you can definitely focus upon.

Don’t be afraid to make it a focal point of your CV, explaining what you did and what you achieved during your time. A list of tasks and responsibilities is already showing an employer what you’re capable of without the need for any training on certain basics like communication, handling transactions, resolving customer complaints, and much more.

Boost your own personal development 

Aside from your CV looking great, voluntary work is overall a fantastic way to begin your development into the world of work. Interaction is very different to what you’re used to, and there are lots of new challenges each and every day to overcome. 

Having to meet deadlines, be punctual, polite, respectful, helpful to customers, learning new skills, and so on are all great new skills to continue to perfect and develop. You are certainly much better off volunteering rather than sat at home waiting for the phone to ring. You are missing out on so many work and life skills if you don’t keep busy!

Grab a great reference 

Voluntary work is a great way to gain references which otherwise would be unattainable. This is why it’s also very important to take voluntary work very seriously, and not just something to fill your time whilst looking for paid work.

To get a great reference you need to work hard in everything you do, and this also goes for volunteering. Give it everything you have and you just might find that great reference gets you the job!

You can find volunteering opportunities on sites such as Do It – which allow you to search specifically for secretarial and administrative work if you want to.

NB : This CV was originally published 11th July 2017 and has now been completely updated for 2020.

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