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This two page web designer CV template uses two free fonts - Coventry Garden and Garamond - together with our own custom icons and a splash of blue accent to create a very sophisticated elegant CV layout. There's space for a photo or, if you prefer, you can delete the photo and shift up the information in the column on the left. This CV uses tables to create the layout (with borders hidden) and it's super easy to add or delete sections as required.

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About this CV template:

A very stylish CV template that is suitable for a wide range of roles. This template is really easy to customise, The fancy font is entirely free and it's easy to change the headings - just remember that with this font, you'll need to put CAPS on for the first letter of the word and LOWERCASE on for the rest of the letters to create the fancy tail effect on your first letter.

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123 High Street, Arnold, Nottinghamshire NG1 2DX
(0115) 9123456 | janemariesmith@jms.com | www.janemaries.com | Twitter: @janemaries | LinkedIn: @janemaries


I am a competent website designer with 12+ years of solid work experience designing sites for agency clients. I am a creative person who is able to produce websites from concept to launch. Having a detailed understanding of best UX principles and SEO best practice, my sites are optimised to load fast, be responsive and be a pleasure to use. I have worked effectively both independently and as part of a team, and I am capable of being highly productive either way.


  • Keen and enthusiastic eye for design
  • Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop & Dreamweaver (advanced)
  • Excellent understanding of UX
  • HTML and CSS3 (advanced)
  • Experience developing custom-built WordPress themes, inc Genesis & Generatepress
  • Use of Git, BitBucket & Version Control
  • Basic understanding of JS
  • Basic understanding of PHP (can edit)
  • Good understanding of SEO and PPC concepts
  • Experienced in getting a site from development to live

Work history

Website Designer

Sector Design Agency : May 2017 – date


  • Designing fresh bespoke websites for clients in the financial services sector.
  • Face-to-face client meetings, taking instructions and generating ideas.
  • Developing my own designs into effective sites with great UX.
  • Testing for device and browser compatibility.
  • Making website changes for existing clients.

Examples of my work in this role:

  • www.financeproductsareus.com (WordPress)
  • www.buyourloans.com (WordPress + Generatepress)
  • www.financialservicessector.com (Joomla)
  • www.financebusiness.com (Drupal)

Website Designer

Archibald Design Company : August 2012 – April 2017


  • Designing and delivering high quality bespoke cross browser websites.
  • Providing a high level of client support and respond to technical queries.
  • Ensuring quality standards, customer expectations and deadlines are met.
  • Auditing completed jobs (my work and others) to ensure the client’s requirements have been fulfilled.

Examples of my work in this role:

  • www.catanddogsitting.com (WordPress + Generatepress)
  • www.speaktoalawyer.com (WordPress + Genesis)
  • www.patiodesigns.com (WordPress)
  • www.overtherainbow.com (Flat html/css)

Website Designer

Rare Designs Limited : August 2007 – July 2012


  • Designing, developing and maintaining the company’s own website www.raredesignslimited.com.
  • Working in conjunction with the company’s SEO Manager to develop bespoke functionality.
  • Maintaining the day to day running of the busy online store.
  • Continually optimising the website in line with current best practice.


Front-End Web Developer W3C Professional Certificate

HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals, JavaScript, HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices and HTML5 Apps and Games.

BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technology and Design – 2:1

University of Kent

A Level Media Studies (B), English (B) & Design/Technology (B)

Kent College

9 GCSEs grade C and above including English (B) and Maths (C)

Kent Comprehensive


When I’m not working, I enjoy going to the gym and cycling. I also frequently take part in half marathons. I love travelling, discovering new places and having new experiences.


Rob Roy, Lead Designer
Sector Design Agency, 234 High Street, Arnold, Nottingham NG1 2DY

Archie Bestwood, Manager
Archibald Design Company, 456 High Street, Arnold, Nottingham NG1 2DE

Template details:

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Web designer CV template - page 1

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Web designer CV template - page 2

Points to note about this web designer CV template:

  • You must download the Coventry Garden font for this web designer CV template to display properly – here is a link to this font https://www.dafont.com/coventry-garden.font (it is free).
  • We also recommend that you have Garamond font installed, which usually comes with Microsoft Word.
  • To get the fancy capital letter at the start of the headings, put CAPS on for the first letter and take it off for the following letters.
  • This template and all icons in this template are copyright to Cvtemplatemaster.com.
  • This template uses tables with the borders hidden to achieve its layout. It may be helpful to review the layout below before attempting to add new sections or delete existing ones.

Customisation tips:

  • To add a further role to the WORK EXPERIENCE section, copy and paste one of the previous roles and add it underneath the final role. Make sure you copy BOTH ROWS of the section (the row containing the job title and the row containing the description).
  • To add a further line to the education section, simply tab through the lines – when you reach the final line, tab again and a further line will be added.
  • If you copy and paste a heading, make sure you get BOTH ROWS (each heading is made up of two rows).

We hope you love this new web designer CV template as much as we do!

Who is this web designer CV template for?

Although we have suggested that this is the perfect web designer CV template, this layout would suit applicants applying for a very wide range of roles. Both professional and administrative job hunters would benefit from this template.

For those looking for a very well presented  CV template, this is a great choice. Its clean, fresh appearance and focus on work experience makes it a great CV template for design roles.

Print on high quality paper using a good printer that is capable of printing both black and colour for the perfect CV.

Does paper quality really matter for a CV?

Although most job seekers email their CV to a recruitment agency or employer, you may also have the option to hand it in directly. This would work really well for a retail position, for example.

You should never underestimate the power of personally handing your CV to the employer. The impact it can have is far greater than applying electronically. It will make you much more memorable, and puts a personality to an application.

If this is something you want to try, make sure you use quality paper for your CV. The standard budget A4 paper you can buy tends to be too thin. The feel of the paper in the employer’s hand is very important. If it’s too thin it will give off a ‘cheap’ vibe and will not project professionalism.

Thicker paper has a much better feel to it, and projects professionalism and creates a quality application. Although the employer may not realise it when reading your CV, the thickness and quality of the paper makes a difference.

Consciously, but more often than not subconsciously, the employer will instantly judge your presentation within a matter of seconds. From your clothes and appearance, to the quality of the paper; your overall presentation will be scrutinised.

Would you like help with writing your CV? Here are ‘The 10 essential steps to writing a professional CV’.

NB: This CV template was originally published on 17th December 2017 and has since been updated for 2020.

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