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Using a classic font (Garamond) that is perfect when applying for just about any role, our Director CV template has a subtle border, smart bullets and attractive headings, presenting your information in its best possible light.

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Address: 123 Long Street, Nottingham NG1 234
Telephone: 01234 567890
Twitter: jamesmaymd
LinkedIn: jamesmaynottingham

Personal Statement

I am a forward-thinking Managing Director with six years’ experience successfully overseeing all business operations, people and ventures for my current employer, and a range of prior management experience. I have been a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute since 2017 (CMgr FCMI). I am a strategist and a leader, with the ability to steer a company to its most profitable direction whilst also implementing its vision, mission and long-term goals. I have taken my current employer from a £100k turnover to a £4.5m turnover during my time as MD.

Work history

Managing Director
Archie’s Fence Panels
May 2013 – date

I joined this company which was initially a small six-person fence supplier in May 2013 when turnover was just £100k with a net profit of £10,000. Since then we have expanded across two counties, and I have driven the turnover to £4.5m with a net profit of £1.2m. Some of the primary strategies that led to this growth include:

  • Increasing product range in 2013 to include very popular range of summer houses, garden offices & raised beds which now accounts for 20% of our turnover.
  • Introducing a painting service in 2014 which increased average spend per customer from £250 to £370.
  • Introducing an annual subscription maintenance service which generates £100k per year profit from existing customer base.
  • Successfully tendering for 1 – 3 year contracts for various schools and public buildings across our target areas – currently contract work accounts for 12% of our turnover.
  • Since 2018, expanding use of marketing channels such as Facebook including messenger live chat, resulting in a 25% increase in leads.
  • Contracting with freelance fencing contractors operating under the Archie’s brand and using our products, services, standards and lead generation; which has allowed us to expand geographically without incurring significant additional costs.
  • Increasing market share by offering USPs: package deals, affordable payment terms and an ultra-fast emergency response service (very popular following bad weather).

I have very much enjoyed growing a small business into a thriving business that continues to grow rapidly. Having relocated, I am now looking for a similar challenge in a mid-sized enterprise, closer to home.

McDonalds, Radford Boulevard, Nottingham
January 2009 – April 2012

Joining initially as a trainee before learning the business from the ground up, I progressed to manage a small team before being responsible for an entire shift. After that, I took over the restaurant’s recruitment and in addition I created employee schedules, resolved customer complaints, training and mentored assistant managers and generally worked across the board to ensure the restaurant delivered consistent and friendly customer service.

Unit Manager
Costa Coffee, Roadchef, Nottingham
April 2007 – December 2008

Managing this unit in a Service Station off the Motorway, my goal was to ensure that the Costa team delivered operational excellence. I was responsible for delivering exceptional customer service, maintaining operational standards, maximising sales opportunities and driving financial performance. I also delivered extensive training to staff on all aspects of operational delivery and relevant health and safety legislation/practice.

Costa Coffee, Roadchef, Nottingham
June 2005 – March 2007

Education & Training

BA Business Management (2:1)
The Open University, Milton Keynes
January 2009 – April 2012

My elective modules for this course were Financial accounting in context, and Financial analysis and decision making.

A Level Business Studies (A), Maths (B) and English (B)
Redhill Academy, Arnold


  • Demonstratable PR and presentation skills
  • Effective decision making
  • Effective management and delegation
  • Excellent communication and negotiation
  • Proven ability to motivate a workforce
  • Visionary leadership
  • Strong financial acumen
  • Very strong ability to plan and forecast effectively
  • In depth knowledge of markets and changing business environments
  • Proven ability to solve complex problems


Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMgr FCMI) since 2018.


In my spare time, I love hiking, cycling and bouldering.

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How to customise our Director CV template

Our ‘Smart Division’ design Director CV template has been designed to suit a very wide variety of roles – from administration through to high-end management. The choice of the Garamond font immediately gives the curriculum vitae a classic, respectable appearance and suggests you have taken care over the presentation and layout.

Whether you decide to choose this CV template or create one yourself, don’t forget how important the presentation of your credentials are to an employer. We would always recommend to any job seeker the use of our free CV templates. It saves a lot of time, stress and worry, and will guarantee that all the relevant sections are present.

Choosing a CV template may seem like a daunting task. So to help you decide which one suits you the best, please read – Choosing a CV template.

Like all of our free CV templates, this one is easily customisable. Here’s how to customise this template:

Page border customisation

One way that you might want to edit this CV template is to remove the page border. Then, select the main table and add a border to that in soft grey. This shifts the border inwards on the page which may be necessary for some types of printer.

Alternatively, you might want to remove the page border altogether. This can be helpful if you find your CV template is not printing as it should be. You can adjust page borders by going to the PAGE LAYOUT tab in Microsoft Word and choosing PAGE BORDERS. This also gives you the ability to choose a different border instead, if you’d rather have something fancier!

Change the font

Another easy customisation is to change the font. Whilst we love Garamond (it’s like an updated Times New Roman!), it’s not to everyone’s taste – and you may prefer something different.

Simply go to the Home tab in Microsoft Word and choose Select All. Then, pick the font of your choice from the drop down. Of course, not every font is suitable for your CV or résumé. Some fonts just scream ‘unprofessional’!

If you need help choosing the best font for your job application, have a read of our guide, ‘What is the best résumé font or best CV font to use?

Add a photo

Some people like to include photos on their CV. However, it’s important to realise that including a photo can influence your chances of success. Choosing the wrong picture could hinder your chances of getting an interview. Without a picture in this instance you may have gotten further. Or, a professional picture could actually add more value to your CV. The employer can see you are presentable which could be important for certain industries – hospitality, for example.

For a more comprehensive guide on this subject, please read our article – Should I include a CV photo?

This CV template would lend itself well to a small photo just above your name. For example:

Example template

It’s really easy to add a photo to your CV template in Microsoft Word. Simply choose the INSERT tab, click ‘PICTURE’ and locate your photo. You can then drag to resize the picture to a suitable size.

We hope you love our Director CV template and the whole team sincerely wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect job!

NB: This template was originally published on 28th July 2017 and has been completely updated for 2020.

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