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Developer free CV template in MS Word

This one-page CV template is ideal for a technical style role such as PHP developer or similar. You can expand the template onto two pages if you need more space - just add more text to the sections where additional space is required and the template (including background) will push onto the next page. See below for additional ways to customise this template.

CV template details:

  • CV ref: #162
  • File size: 439kb
  • File format: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • File name: Developer-CV-template.docx
  • Fonts: BK Cap Font, Open Sans Light (see links below - both are free)
  • Price: Free download
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About this CV template:

This template uses a fantastic free font- BK Cap - for the main heading and certain details. You'll need to install the font first, together with Open Sans Light which you can get free from Google fonts using the link below.

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This template has several style details that make it ideally suited to a developer type role, such as:

  • A ‘binary’ page background.
  • ‘Page down’ and ‘Home’ buttons at the top and bottom.
  • A ‘keyboard’ title.

However if you like the layout, you can easily edit the template to make it more suited to other roles.

Template fonts

Please install the following fonts and ensure that Word has applied them to the text properly – you may need to reapply them if the CV does not render properly.

Editing the page background

To change the page background (currently set to a soft ‘binary’ image in grey), you need to go to:

PAGE LAYOUT > PAGE COLOUR > FILL EFFECTS and then select the PICTURE tab. You can then select a new picture of your choice.

Removing the Page Down and Home button dividers

These dividers are separate one row tables. Hover your cursor just under the line on the left hand side so the diagonal arrow appears, allowing you to select the table, then simply hit Return.

Editing the CV template

This template uses tables to layout your information.

If you have any difficulty editing the template, we suggest enabling text boundaries in MS Word. In Word 2010, this is done by going to:

FILE > OPTIONS > ADVANCED > (under ‘Show document content’) Show text boundaries.

Adding a second page to the CV template

More often, people want to add a second page because they need more room for their work history. This is really easy to do – simply keep typing all the information you want to include in the Work history box and the panel will push down the rest of the content until eventually it lands on page two. The page background is automatically inserted on the second page. You can of course add a couple of lines of white space if the rest of the content is sitting half way between the two pages.

Saving the CV template

Lots of people want to save their CV templates in pdf format to be able to send it electronically. We would recommend either doing this from Adobe so that you can select ‘print quality’ or in Word, select print and choose PDF as the printer. You should also turn off comptesscom of graphics in your Word options. This will make the background look better/clearer. It is quite a muted backgribac so should not be a huge issue with this template.


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