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This is a delightful CV template that is perfect for any sort of administrative role. The CV is themed with an administrator icon at the top (which could also be replaced by a photo, optionally) and an attractive data-style background. Split into two columns and presented over two pages, there's lots of room for your information - and it's easy to add more space if you need it.

CV template details:

  • CV ref: #172
  • File size: 315kb
  • File format: .docx (MS Word)
  • File name: Administrator-cv-template-2019.docx
  • Fonts required: Open Sans, Acme (both free)
  • Price: Free download
  • Free Administrator CV template in Word format Overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 11 reviews.

About this CV template:

This CV template uses two free fonts - Open Sans which you can get from Google, and Acme, which you can grab here:

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4 5 1
Good clean design for a CV. Good work.

4 5 1
An attractive CV template with a very appealing design which is just as good as the ones you have to pay for on other websites.

4 5 1
Smart and nice background

How to edit the free Administrator CV template

The great thing about this free CV template is that it’s so easy to edit. This is because we want you to be able to customise our free CV templates to suit your needs.

Here are some things you might want to do with this CV template:

Add more pages

If you need more pages, then don’t worry. You can add more pages to this CV template if you wish. Please note that the background will repeat as you add content.

However, you will need to add in the light blue rectangle on your new page. Copy it from a previous page; click on your new page and press paste. The easiest way is to enable the gridlines or text boundaries, as it makes it simpler to line everything up.

There’s one more step – click on the rectangle at the top, right click and choose SEND TO BACK > SEND BEHIND TEXT. You only need to do this on the third page if you intend to type in the narrow column on that page.

Be careful when considering going over two pages. A three page or more CV is not typically expected by the employer, with the exception of certain professions – science, medical, research, and so on. If you have a lot of information and are struggling to keep to two pages, here’s an article which will help – How to keep your CV to two pages.

Replace the icon

You might want to replace the icon with a photo. This is really easy – simply right click on the picture and choose ‘Change picture’.

Wondering how to get a rounded CV photo? Check out our article ‘8 easy ways to customise your CV template in Word 2010‘ which explains how (plus there’s loads of other tips and tricks for editing your template).

Background issues

There’s a bug that’s been in several earlier versions of Microsoft Word (and is still there in the Word 2013 preview). Although the background looks perfect in Microsoft Word and should print just fine, sometimes it tiles in PDF format. This can make the Administrator CV look a little busier than intended!

If you want to save your CV as a PDF, there’s a workaround as follows:

  • Remove the “page background” that you’ve put in.
  • Open the header pane.
  • Insert the image, set its text wrapping to Behind Text, and drag its sizing handles so it covers the whole page. You may want to use the controls on the Picture Tools tab to reduce the contrast and increase the brightness.
  • Close the header (Source)

If instead you would like to remove the background image on this CV template, go to PAGE LAYOUT > PAGE COLOUR > FILL EFFECTS. From there you can upload a new background (which can simply be a white blank square if you don’t want to have any background at all).

CV writing advice

Now that you know how to customise our fantastic and free CV template, you may want to know if we offer more help in CV writing? The simple answer is, yes – we certainly do!

Here are the 10 essential steps to writing a professional CV.

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